I am happy that the State of Florida voted for President Trump!  But this election is far from over!

Post 4949 from Q gives us an image of the largest flying flag in America and a link to the soundtrack of the movie Last of the Mohicans.  It’s very patriotic!  Q also tells us that we will win!

We have a lot to cover today -  like melonheads.  What exactly are these? Do these people hydrocephalus?  Is it another “breed” of creatures that suck the life out of us? 

We’ll dig into that - a little history lesson.

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  • Mellon head just like jeffry dahmer: shooting acid in victims head to be zombie sex slave, then cooks em up and eats them, podesta art is dahmers headless victim ne crow phil ia a. Phone ne tick letter er ing : never use sp word it is cast ing a - - - - -. Nurse told me in DE store, creepy jo was grab as ing all nurses staff wh ile wife on e w as dying, gigging an d jov ol.  con w as:  w ife w as a dr un k. all cov erd up by cop s, au top sy an d, wet wo rk. Don na ri ce pa id 2 scan dal hart. Don na ri ce:  in NYC man hat tan (mad hatter. }DR as room mate,lo ok up roo ma ate ad,  mov in, rob  million s in wor drobe and jewls, and mov ou t. be comes a rich spanish rad io celeb. sam e wrap up smear. 


  • "Biden is shot" comment....maybe JB (the real one) was executed by firing squad? Also, Linda, I read a thread about Biden and his wife's death that claimed it was a hit. Money exchanging hands and all. And, get this...the wife's car may have been pushed into the path of the truck that hit her. By none other than future wife Jill.

  • I find it difficult to follow your "video" when the screen does not reflect what you are talking about.

  • Greetings! Glad I found you again. YT is destroying itsself, but I don't care if they don't care!

  • Bo did not die of brain cancer 👈

    • What did he die of?

  • Just say'in, Lady Gaga ain't no lady and ain't got no lady parts.

  • hey Deplorable McA.- just glad to find you & glad 'these people' haven't pulled you down !!! Pray pray pray-everybody Please. We are in a Spiritual War- vs. de_mons God Bless USA Pres. Trump & all patriots World wide. Tom & Ginny in Mohave Desert USA

  • I finally found you again. I opened an account but I’m just getting a black screen. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about your podcast is your interesting and very funny selection of memes. It’s no fun to not be able to see you or the other parts of the qute parts of the podcast...  Quilterly Me

  • Okay, so I was able to post after all. All I wanted to say is that I tried playing the aforementioned video on my Android Samsung 7 but in place of the video I got a technical error message. I was trying to play it through my brave browser phone app and although it showed the image of the video when I tried to press play it turned black and gave me the error message. Thankfully I was able to watch it on my laptop when I got home from my walk. Last night on table of titans yutub they said the president of Huawai had died suddenly. Also, the China yuan plummeted to rock bottom. I suspect they realized Trump was going to win and changed horses in the middle of the street. Also, a friend says all HCQ info has been scrubbed from the net but the comment I originally wanted to make was to add to your comment about adrenochrome only to say that not only is it harder to come by but it's also probably more expensive. Thank you for all you do Mcallister, I am not joking or exagerating when I say you help me stay grounded. I agree with you on everything and perhaps there has to be the long drawn out process of lawsuits as a cooling off period? Like, perhaps after a while, once we win, everyone will have forgotten about rioting? Or maybe the person footing the bill for their antifa sleeper cells will decide it's movement has lost it's momentum and it's not worth the effort? Hah, wishful thinking on my part. I heard a prophet on sid roth's supernatural saying he saw the election results, a long haired guy, never heard of him before but he said the democrats were going to go underground and reinvent themselves for a comeback. I hope to almighty God that he would exterminate them like cockroaches. 


This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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