All gold on earth was seized over 2 years ago! Where is it?

Putin is going to crush the dollar?! 

Committees and white hat leaders are operating in all 209 countries. Ukraine was next to last.

We also have vax effects in the UK… and Will Smith and Chris Rock are clone psyops?

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  • Another terrific video, Linda.

  • Listen to Stu Peters and his interview worth Dr. Alias(?).. What bombshells. I knew President Trump read the story about the snake that he was trying to tell us something else!!!! Watch the water! Great interview. Thanks McA.


  • It may not be JUST the bad Shot...Have you forgotten about the TEST itself? When was the last time ANYONE has been tested for a FLU bug by shoving a stick 1" from your brain?

    • and repeatedly testing yourself for a virus when you have NO symptoms is a mental illness... 

  • Hi Linda I'm excited about your new kitchen!  Good for you for doing something for yourself to make your life better every day!  
    Regarding the Will Smith thing, my initial take on it is that it had something to do with Alopecia.  Seems like Hollywood has been on an Alopecia kick lately, ever since Bob Sagats death.  It was said that he had "dedicated his life to Alopecia awareness" because one of his sisters who had passed had it (it says in his bio both of his sisters died young.  Weird that 3 out of 3 children in one family would all pass before their time).  The thing is that Alopecia isn't really a disease, it's a symptom that can be caused by a number of different things.  It's hair loss in women, that's it.  So why do they want us to know about Alopecia all of a sudden.  Is it going to be our next long-term vax side-effect?  Radiation poisoning?  Adrenochrome use?  Or withdrawal?  Some people are saying that Pfizer, who is a sponsor of the Academy, is about to come out with a new Alopecia drug, and that the whole thing was like an advertising campaign, to bring attention to Alopecia.  But I haven't heard anything about that drug, have no confirmation if that's true.  Regardless, though, I think whatever is behind the Will Smith thing had SOMEthing to do with Alopecia. 
       Regarding the vax, I still don't believe that the white hats would have allowed something like 80% of the world population to be injected with something actually fatal.  I have been thinking maybe that theory, that it is fatal, is part of the "near death experience" we're about to have.  Everyone who took the vax is going to think they're going to die from it.  But it's going to turn out that's not the case.  Personally I have an immunocompromised person in my household, also I'm old enough not to plan on having any children, and also I have a close relationship (or had) with an elderly parent, so I did take the vax, I took one dose of the J & J in March 2021, mine was manufactured in the Netherlands.  I have since refused the booster.  My 78-yr old Dad passed away after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder about 3 weeks after receiving his 3rd dose of Moderna.  Prior to that he was the healthiest person I know.  My (immunocompromised) husband got the J & J and then he also got the Moderna booster.  Recently we both got a mild-to-severe cold from my sister who had just returned home from Puerto Rico, and we all had it for the same length of time (about a week to 10 days until the last of the bronchitis cleared up) and seem to have recovered well.  I have also been paying close attention whenever I get a scratch or a bruise or something to see if it seems to be healing normally and it does, I don't THINK I have an immune system problem, but no way to know for sure I guess, at least not without actual diagnostic testing.  I do make sure to get sun daily as well as taking multivitamins and high doses of vitamin C.

       As for timelines, we've been getting a strong signal for awhile now that we're expected to stand up for Trump candidates at midterms, so I doubt we are going to see anything resembling resolution to occur until after then.  I do believe we will experience food shortages in the U.S. although people won't die from starvation, some people will die from violence, fighting over limited supplies.  We Patriots have been getting messages for a long time to prepare for food shortages and power outages, I've pretty much ignored them (I live in hurricane country so I'm always somewhat prepared for power outages), although Biden's message last week that "FOOD SHORTAGES ARE GOING TO GET REAL" finally made me take some action, I spent most of this past weekend with my FoodSaver vacuum sealing a bunch of food.  It's getting to the point where if you haven't taken ANY steps to "prep," it's kind of on you, you HAVE been warned for many months now.  Juan O Savin suggests that Russia is actually going to come to America's rescue with food assistance.  Only a few days after he said that, Putin gave a speech where he was criticizing the neo-Nazi world leaders and he said "they are causing food shortages, and who's going to be responsible for that?"  I think HE is, and that's going to open a lot of people's eyes to the fact that Russia is NOT everything bad we're constantly being told about them, when they wind up coming to our food rescue.  Q said Israel, not Ukraine, would be saved for last.  I don't have a good theory on why that would be, not sure.  A lot of patriot people out there seem to be looking for the Podesta arrest as the next marker.  But I think we've still got a ways to go.  Juan O Savin also said that the info coming out of the Hunter Biden laptop wouldn't take just a matter of days to come out, it would take weeks to months.  So I'm still thinking this is all heading towards something happening hopefully very shortly after midterms - or maybe not until the people elected in those midterms actually take their offices, which wouldn't be until January 2023.  I know it makes me crazy but at least I feel like meanwhile we ARE actually getting signals now that things are happening.  So what is our choice except to keep hoping and doing what we can to help and to survive.

    • Oh and also I loved what you said about the pets/animals, I hope it's true.  I know it sounds crazy to anyone who's not a pet lover but every time I start thinking about this ascension thing, I start getting upset about what's going to happen to my dog.  David Wilcock brought that up once and he like mocked it, he says if you get your chance to ascend you need to take it immediately and not worry about your dog - if it all turns out ok you will be able to time travel and somehow like, come BACK to help your dog, I don't know about that.  I would love to think that whatever is about to happen is going to include our dogs.  My cat doesn't care as much - lol - I mean I love her, and worry for her safety too, like if I was suddenly gone she would surely die, but for whatever reason that doesn't kill me inside as much as the idea of my dog thinking I abandoned him, that just breaks my heart.  

  • Hello Linda, Love your shows! For more research on Will Smith  and Chris Rock( The Boule secret society)etc, and the Kazarian Mafia devils, please watch  Golbal Spiritual Revolution by Bishop Larry Gaitors,he has filled in the blanks, been to 101 countries, researched nearly 40 years. A Christ loving teacher. He was there and saw it live.  He says those ppl need Jesus and I think he strategically moved to L.A. just a couple of months ago. He has a big heart for the black men in sports as they are being 'used'and still 'on the plantation' he calls it. He is aware of the inversion psyop too.

    BTW I am now a snow bird and  I remembered that you said about the city water here in FL, you wouldn't bathe your dog in it! So far I have to shower in it! (but not for long.)( Near Bradenton) My water distiller has orange or greenish yellow watery chemicals in the bottom after distilling the water, ugh! Thank you for all of your research and putting it into a podcast.


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