New intel on the world wide scare event!

Dead Hollywood: who is alive and who’s dead? Hybrids are being used in Hollywood productions?

Alien fashion week!

New Info! Cuomo’s nipple rings, solar flares and more!

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  •  Linda! I thank God that you have shared how to clear your pineal gland! 


  • When President Trump states these people are sick he means they are EVILSICKOS! Wow it's DISPICABLE what's taking place and the sleepers are going to lose their minds and they will need us when shit hits the fan! God Bless Y'all 🙏

  • Nikola Tesla would have to be 166 years old

  • Jeez. I need to wash my ears and my eyes after this episode. So much ugliness!

  • The Denise Richards voice was not her normall voice.


  • Hi Linda🦋

    I just love love love your voice your attitude and your energy! There is many videos I wanted to comment on but didn't wanna go through that joining process but I decided to bite the bullet after this info that you gave about the solar flare alert YIKES!!! Interestingly I work with St. Germain in the Violet flame and one of the daily meditations is with the sun! So it fits in with the ascension ideas that you discussed and I believe in also &  in addition it's important to know the underlying agenda of certain individuals who achieve fame and notoriety such as an illustrator called Gary baseman who I met as I work as an illustrator and I am a fine artist now so I know you can relate to that he is the one responsible for quite a few off the animated films that became quite popular if you look him up you will find and he touted this terrible disgustingly vomiting inducing group at work or aunt bark whatever their freaking name is!! Unbelievably horrific visuals ugly f'n ugly people horrible hypnotic evil lyrics it's coming out vbaby!!What I do not understand is how anyone could like this band or this agenda or these disgusting fashions what happened to being a woman femininity Beauty perfume glossiness hair shining from within???  GEEZ!!
    Let's keep shining bring the light into the darkness as light will always win!!! 🌞 keeping the faith and you go girl enjoying your videos a lot just had to say!! Also I'd love to see that pretty woman who lives in LA who's an attorney again and I'm Sarge what happened to those two they were very good!!
    many blessings



    • Sheez The Beez Kneez 10496561459?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Dear Sharon,

        Here's a better rendition of "Stewball" performed inside, without the distractions of birdsongs and bugs:

        What do you think?

    Your loving and caring brother,


  • Hi Linda,  I love you 😍  in the most innocent way . You're like the female version of me .. lol I laugh out loud literally when I watch your to your daily updates , I have a video you may like if you haven't seen one already I  got a vrill lizard video of one on her/ it's nest of eggs .. it's a real one it will resonate as such ... also 78 major food processing plants burned down in like 6 months more than all food plants combined it maybe in a week I heard but it seems like if that's the case than there is a mass extermination event I've also heard rumor of solar flares I have a link for you in case you haven't seen it , I'm sure you're busy , I have many many many videos of things and personally right now I'm on house arrest for something I didn't do ... it's really creepy I'd love to share this life changing hell I've endured for the past 3yrs or longer I can't remember... I mean it's horrific what I'm living through and I'm dure others are too , I like when you said it will be different with A lot Less People.. I've wanted to write you for a long time now but was thinking maybe you wouldn't want anything to do with a convicted felon that's been targeted by masonic pedo cops his whole adult life .. but the last charge was something outrageously unjust , my mother completely flipped into a clone around the time of covid deployment , she is 78 my dad 83 a professor of math was sharp , genourouse , compassionate , the best father a guy would ever wish for my mom too but at times she was difficult but NEVER THOUGHT I'd wake up to 2 cops with their tiny u know.. and hheir abuse of the badge and gun my mother had lied I mean from scratch LIED to the police and said I attacked her .. both parents were the kindest most compassionate people , I adore them but they have ruined my life in the 3D there was no due process during the covid psy op and court was not in session I was held without my meds , I have been through so much before that and my parents were my only friends left as ghe rest had died by overdose or by suicide or by cop shooting , I've seen how the system works from behind the worst prison in florida possibly the US republic , A.C.I and Okeechobee- I've told nobody about what goes on the recruiting of criminals insane murders and the pedophiles omg I was traumatized by all this 48 yrs with the cops arresting me every fucking  chance they got but I did my time for things I did do and many I did not do and was set up bc of complications with a major bust I was helping them with .. Mason Leutenant major player I  Brevard Deep state central county , and the jail is torture too ... I escape the misery of partial paralysis that hurts but I just mentioned bc I'm 48 living with Dad n mom . I'm a C.S.C.S degreed personal trainer at age 37 I was paralyzed it ruined my career I was plagued by addiction , now I just want the healing to forget pills and pain and this bipolarity schizophrenic world that's always felt alien to me or maybe I'm the alien .. maybe aliens can heal my L5 and regenerate myelin? Please tell me if you know anything about medbeds and Quantum Healing,  Nesara /Gesara I bought dinar and ron giles sent me zim but banks say they know nothing ? I live by Raytheon,  Nasa/SpaceX , Lockheed, Grumman Aerospace defense , Space Force Real Command Center formerly Patrick AFB .. Boeing aerospace,  Grumman Defense systems ,Harris , I think you get where I'm going with all this .. Socom trainee 

    Pete . [email protected] or yahoo if I'm so honored to hear back from you . I truly lobe your essence I know how you feel but you beat me when it comes to being smarter , don't tell anyone I said this but are women maybe a little smarter than men ? Lol here's the link sweetness of what maybe a grand solar minimum or solar flare in the skies over China,  and I'll find you the video of a vrill and Ebe #3  interrogation  if you have interest in them 😉 I do seem to remember a mini phase where you were kind of obsessing on the vrill lizards / 🦎  they're not cute you are cute . Good night 😴  Sending you positive stuff n things ok? Here's the link lovely woman.. 

    Pete Khoury 

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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