New Intel!

Patrick Byrnes is reportedly making deals for himself and in the process outing General Michael Flynn for high treason!

Are you surprised?

EBS is being further verified! Important arrests are going on!

JFK, the new vice president? Hillary Clinton’s clone!

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  • I love when you tell us we can deep clean the deep state, it cracks me up everytime. Thank you for all your work!

  • Good stuff Linda, thank you!  Personally I perceived Flynn as being an old school patriot who is totally on board except he doesn't approve of Q, he doesn't approve of revealing intelligence operations to the public, and that's why he comes across the way he does, and why he refuses to go anywhere near the topic of Q.  I've heard Juan O Savin refer multiple times to people who are on the same team yet have strong differences of opinion on some major things, and I always feel like Flynn is exactly who he's talking about when he says that.  I am going to withhold judgment on Flynn unless I see actual evidence that he's a "traitor," which I definitely haven't seen.  Juan also said something interesting about Killary lately, he said when she was in college she didn't like to wear her coke bottle glasses so she walked around campus constantly holding on to some friend "like Helen Keller."  The only time I recall ever seeing her in coke bottle glasses was at the Benghazi hearings - there was a reason put forth, like she just had eye surgery or something, I forget - and to me she definitely looked different during that hearing than at other times.  Was that the real Hilary?  Who knows.  He also says she and Bill both are thought to be clones of Rockefellers.  I have been wondering about how tribunals/trials are going to deal with clones - will each clone be treated as a different person, I.e. crimes have to be tied specifically to that clone?  Or will all clones be presumed guilty of the same crimes?  What if witnesses can't distinguish the right clone, does that invalidate their testimony?  Confusing.

  • For those who need a good laugh, this is without a doubt THE most EPIC troll of a city council meeting EVER.  

    • Did you watch it?  Omg "Take a knee for George Floyd!!!!"  Hilarious!!!   Even funnier is the fact that some stupid conservatives actually didn't realize this was parody and got genuinely "triggered" by it!!!  Things are getting crazy up in here, as Linda would say!!
      Here is a previous one by the same guy that is ALMOST as good where he goes off on how much he loves Klaus Schwab and wants them to just take away his rights already - this is comedy gold:

  • You are, however, subtle and perceptive. Linda, I can't bring myself to think that General Flynn is a traitor. I think you are confused, because remember that Flynn, works in intelligence. In this pantomime, an elaborate reverse scenario is unfolding... And the objective is to use dilatory and deceptive strategies, on both sides.... For my part, I remain true to my initial impression... In the end, we must prepare ourselves for other revelations, certainly more disturbing than you can imagine...

    Have a good day.

    God bless you...

    We (my dolphins and me) love you unconditionally...Anyway...

  • Linda Historian Sean Hr0ss does a great job showing us their symbolism and what they are up to! Here is a link.

    Thank you Linda for all you do!

  • The first time I ever saw Flynn on TV I glanced at the TV and did a doubletake because I didn't like his eyes but I shook it off because President Trump liked him.

  • I find myself hurt, as though it was personal. I'm talking about what you just shared about General Flynn. That he has betrayed us, and has been a secret globalist all along.

    I keep hearing it, and I keep rejecting it.   It was wasn't until you mentioned and implied that Sydney Powel may be a Mason and part of the black hat plan, that all the pieces could plausibly fit together in my head. It's as though my mind stopped fighting me on the subject.
     Let's see:

    He was part of the Obama administration.

    He disappeared from the Trump administration so fast and then was "arrested for lying to the FBI so fast and without any resistance".

    The FBI was so blantantly wrong.

    The judge was so blatantly wrong.

    Obamas panicked conference call conveniently was leaked to the public.

    It was all so matter of fact, that, I'm starting to lean toward accepting or am open to conversation that General Flynn  could, in fact be a traitor.

    Damn! How do we know who to trust? BTW, This is why I'm hurt.


    TY J


  • Research the 'Babalon Working'.   It certainly seems to point to Hillary.

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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