Christian21 new intel… the Orion lines. The hunter becomes the hunted.

Let’s talk about Barron Trump, Melania Trump, Princess Diana, and JFK Jr.

A new earth is ready….

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    Linda so sorv this is late but the drawing of  hill biilys of the cars going under thr over pass? well, cars on the left, going jolly through into Faci' death camps b y thre own free will, while on the left freewill LEAVING THE AWFUL TRUTH! and it is a pic of the tippy top of President Trumps VAN!! and 107  JAUN O SAVIN!!!!FOLLOW THE RIGHT SIDE GET OUT WILE YOU CAN!!!

  • Hi Miss Paris..missed not listening  to you with everything going on...we are definitely up against it at this it solar cosmic flares or flurries..I for one am staying " out of the sun!" I used to love the I hate this shit! I think " mother Gaia is flaming passed off too!!! 

  • Hi Linda, Don't know what's going on but the video is not what it says.  It's an older one I have heard before.  They are messing with your stuff.  Hope I can figure out a way around it, need my Snarky fix!!!!  Peace and Love to You!

  • Hi Linda! Love you so much- hope you're ok. I see your posts & get so excited to hear from you, but they're all repeats. I know they're trying to mess with you... if you need anything please let us know. Xoxo


  • Hi all! :-) I recently shared this with Linda Paris, via a message I sent to her here.  It was a recent YouTube video I'd seen from earlier today that was in my recommended list:

    Analysis of Strange UFO - Collection of UFO Images - Footage From Fatima Miracle

    I also subbed to that channel -- as it has a LOT of content! Feel free to check it out!

  • re: yesterday's Christian21 Part 2 bitchute vid from 27:26 on the old Q posts. ¿solar flash? That was from 2 years ago? Love ya!

  • Hi Linda, I see all your new video titles I'm dying to hear but it's the same video playing again and again. 

  • I listen to McAllister TV daily and have for many years. This is the 1st time I've experienced this repeat issue; is it me or have the last 5 or so videos all been titled as if they're new content but in fact the same repeated video from 5 plus videos back?

    It is such a bummer because I'm used to my daily or every other day, Snarky Paris Rant about these stupid people! I miss this podcast so much. I hope it is repaired soon!!

    • This is the ninth playing of the same episode, all in July.  Nothing new has uploaded this month.  

  • Hi Linda, Love your content I look for you everyday on bitchute and here. Can you tell me where to find Christian 21 blog? I love the rants


    Thank you

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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