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  • Linda U Hv to go Like YouTube, BUT BETTER NO CENSORING, CIRSTENW DIVERTED HER AUDIENCE THERE,  the only way I got to listen to Dr Stella Immanuel in ENTIRITY.  I AM TELLING ALL WHO WILL LISTEN....VOICES OF THE DARK UNDERGROUND TOLD US HOW TO FIND U ON 10/16/20. 2:a.m. YT took u & and we know along w/x22 report. I guess their thought is take out the source/truth feeds then NO TRUTH GETS OUT!! Wrong!!! It's like tryin to plug a busted ballon filled water..I listen and laugh along w/ u & Truman Nightly!!!!!

  • They are brazen now knowing they're going down 

  • I definitely signed that thing.

  • 8040077872?profile=RESIZE_930x



    10.14.20: The I R A N coverup by 44 = [email protected]! [email protected]@M!
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  • Use Bitchute

    I'm getting my own server, do you want to use it for free?

    Lee Romanov
    [email protected]

    • Do you mean Linda Paris only? Just asking---thanks!


  • I did ! Goodbye Nasty Pelosi ☠️

  • As always ♡

  • Linda,the purged is on at YT. I will follow you at RP dog

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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