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  • Yesss sign me up for slap a dumbass as well. I live on an Army base.. I'm surrounded by fucking brain dead Karens. They drive me insane. 


  • I can't stop laughing.  Love it Linda.

  • Great podcast Snarky.  I can definitely understand your frustration with a lot of the intellectually castrated people.  Keep up the great work! 

  • dang woman!!!! wtf? marry me!!! lol i am human. lol my grandfather was german.



    • and grandmother was immigrant irish, lol


    • i am drunk from all previous "casts"...woop woop woop,lol,epic tearie eyed lovins madcowed.

  • Love you Linda, I feel just like you do.  I can't express myself like you because I am completely surrounded by dopes here in blue RI.

  • I love the podcast ms. Paris. But you have to keep some snark in the other reports too. 😘 keep up the good work lady.

  • The history of 20th century Germany is far more nuanced than the propaganda most of us have swallowed.

    Please do yourselves a favor and watch a 10 Part Series:

    EUROPA – The Last Battle |
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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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