President Trump is preparing to fight back against mounting evidence of voter fraud. We had no doubt this was about to happen. This is the end game to expose as many of these creatures as we can.

I don't think it's an accident that they're called “swamp creatures.” Who lives in the swamp?


I'll leave it there. We know it's headed towards something.

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  • Jessie Czebotar has disclosed many times that Gloria Vanderbilt was the (Satanic Illuminati) Grand High Priestess of the Eastern Region, and that Hillary Clinton was supposed to take her place, but it was given to Beyonce! Also Jessie tells in other conversations how when one of these old satanic broads (to use a McAllisterism, lol) passes on, it's done in a ritual where her successor chops the head off of the one she's replacing.  So, putting 2 and 2 together, it seems that our lovely Beyonce chopped the head off of Gloria Vanderbilt and is now Grand High Priestess of the Eastern region.  Oh, and Hillary loses the position of power she long coveted, once again. See Jessie Czebotar's discosures on  Click on LINKS and you will see her name, and also Cisco Wheeler, who was a co-author with Fritz Springmeier on at least one of his books on the Illuminati.

  • Legally  one must exhaust all administrative remedies prior to creating a law suit against a defendant.  In this case all the trying with circuit federal and the supreme courts may be viewed as exhausted administrative remedies.  Trump and team of patriots are trying all avenues and this is their work at using administrative remedies.

  • Linda, that "teddy bear" drenched in blood with a denuded human face I believe IS a human face. That is called Frazzledrip, it is what HILLARY did to that child in the video with huma


      where can we share that video?   

  • I so need my daily dose of the Snarky offense Truman, your mama rocks!

  • Oh my gosh I saw these pics months ago when I started looking into Covid and I started down the rabbit hole.  I live in Asheville and I recognized the pool immediately. It is in the vanderbiilt house. I recognized the boy as Anderson Cooper immediately. I know that is him.  Also his brother Cooper was sacrificed and they said he committed  suicide.  Look at Kathy Griffin. That is Carter It is really scary that Anderson has an adopted baby boy. I worry for that baby. He should never have been able to adopt a child. Anderson is a sick sick man.

    • You are correct, that child needs to be saved!

  • All the crap thats happening. 💩 flying every.


  • Disgusting Creeps. You make me laugh but  I agree with you 

    Merry Christmas Linda.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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