Is Michael Jackson alive?

Is Nancy Pelosi dead? Who’s behind the mask?

We’ll have an Illuminati movie decode. As always - it’s not entertainment. It’s mind control and modeling!

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  • The "caducius" is her speaker badge that she covets

  • Mike Jackson is kinda Dead and kinda Alive Meaning the Persona of Michael Jackson was Killed off as part of an Alchemical Satanic Ritual Sacrafice and he was ReNamed as DAVE DAVE. All it takes is a few minutes of keen observation and listening to Dave Dave speak and it's a Dead giveaway....

    so in the same vein Princess Dianna is renamed to David Furnish Elton Johns boy toy and Same with

    Prince was renamed to his never seen befor sister Tyka. 
    there are quite a few investigations that out these deceivers....

  • I haven't received a notification for a long time, have missed many shows. Anythink I can do about that?

  • I remember seeing a video, back when it happened of MJs funeral, not the big one for the public but a smaller exclusive gathering for like, VIP only, there was a video of people entering and sitting in this outdoor lawn area, and there was an old man there who very much looked like he COULD be MJ in disguise.  He was wearing a hat and sunglasses and I think he might have even been wearing a glove, I forget, but what really made you think it could be MJ in disguise was when he went around to greet other people at this gathering, they all like smiled real big, in a way that didn't fit the somber occasion, it just really looked like it could be MJ himself in disguise at his own funeral actually walking up to certain people and letting them know, "it's me im not really dead."  At the time I assumed he might fake his own death just because he'd been so villainized and/or tortured by the media over the pedophilia stuff.  Im not sure WHAT I believe about that - it did seem like he had an unusual affection for little boys, but I'm still not sure it was what people try to say it was.  Also the songs on his final album were songs like "This is It" and "they don't really care about us" and songs that sound like they could be ABOUT "the great awakening" or something.  And I believe he had also been friends with Diana and had been upset about her death.  So yes I believe he could easily still be alive, and could possibly be working with the "white hats" if there are any (starting to wonder, myself, if there are white hats or if we've been fooled about that).  Still I do not believe he could pull off the role of Nancy Pelosi.  Im open minded about it but I just don't believe he could pull that off.  As for the full body "masks" that could be playing a role in this "movie" we're supposed to be seeing, yes I can see those being used for brief appearances, but im not sure I believe someone could actually walk around all day in one of those things, eating, drinking, speaking, etc, for hours and hours day after day. Seems like we would have seen more obvious malfunctions of the mask by now.  It really doesn't help, the fact that all of these people - Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, Harris - are all very likely to have had some plastic surgery, even if it really IS them.  People are always pointing to Biden's neck scar which I know from my own personal experience is the same as a facelift scar - it goes down into a neck crease to try to hide it.  I bet a lot of these people have had plastic surgery even if it really is them.  I'm not saying that confirms anything, just saying for me it takes more than just the appearance of a possible facelift (which can change ears too btw - they cut the ear when they do that type of incision and it can cause permanent changes to earlobes), or even ear lobe changes, to make me say for sure I think it's not really the same person.

  • Hollywood let us know already a long time ago!!! 

    Watch "The Hommer's Shiw" they always let us know ahead of time... .

  • Big Mike called Beyonce Queen. I believe Mikael Jackson could play piglosi. My cable company has had old movies like this lately, there is symbolism with babies. This been going on a long time!10025123281?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • The feMALE actors in that film all have straight hairlines, which is such a dead giveaway of all of them clearly being MEN. It’s sickening how long these demons of The HellyWeird Inversion Cult have been fooling and tricking the masses.

    As for Nazi Piglou$y, those hands are huge, I’ve noticed that for quite sometime, and sHE has a thick neck for being an elderly “woman”. Hyena Harris is the same with that huge man neck, or it’s a terribly, loose silicone face mask.

    What IF they are all CGI?!?

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  • Dear Deep Diving Linda,

         Here's a battle cry and my mission statement:

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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