Military Justice Act is why 2018 was glorious. What happened in 2018? What's happening now?

Secret tribunals are legal.  Tribunal Law.

Is Jeff Sessions and elf?

Q Mega memes.

Why are celebs so weird? Who has been executed? 

We are watching a show...who are the actors?

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  • Love the comments from all.

    Off topic but interesting enough... Linda, I would LOVE it if you analyzed (with your movie pal) about all the rather interesting info from the science "fiction" movie called "The Slime People (1963) Pyscholtronic" found on Youtube. Though rather corny, many VERY interesting info regarding underground beings, fog (for blocking out sunlight that the beings cannot llive with), cloud seeding mentioned by the "news" guy in the film. Not to mention the slime people themselves. If you know of Commander Valiant Thor (still allive today and cleaning out DUMBs), you would know that he mentions gelatinous beings that are difficult to erradicate from the very deep underground DUMBs. They are messy, and are apparently evaporated to kill them... or something like that. There was an interview about a week or so ago with Valiant Thor and "Mary" of We the People News on describing these beings. ALSO, in the movie, there are scenes that look VERY similar to today's Hawian DEW burnings, and California (same burnings a few years ago--no trees burning but houses devasted... Hmmm. We KNOW this is BS.)

    Anyway, check out the movie and see what you think. It's amazing all that has been exposed for decades! Here's the link:

  • Personally,I'm dealing with the historical trauma as someone descended from poor white Anglo-saxons who were indentured into working long hours in menial tasks, my ancestors being poor were not allowed to vote, were not allowed the basic necessities of life.,their lack of education put them in a segregated class system, they were at the bottom. Any reparations please?

  • I like my snark,  Au Natural  ...  So, let it fly.   Thank You,  Linda ... 

    There's still a lot of sheep that need to wake up ... Some are so stupidly innocent ...  

    Anyway,  thank you.

  • I love your snark. It really cheers me up.  So please keep some snark coming. 

    Omg!! My Snarky friends. Please check out this link   It's for Gina Maria Colvin Hill on YouTube. 
    This is eye opening. It's about our pineal gland. 
    The pineal gland looks EXACTLY like the Eye of Horus!  It very well could be the Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge. We have a root chakra and I think it looks like the pineal gland is the tree. Our 33 vertebrae are the trunk and the root chakra is the roots. Please let me know what you think. Linda, Laura, and Ch 21 please look too. Love you all. Love and Light 

  • I'm so happy to see Linda is truly back from the dark side. We got our Snarky back from their clutches!

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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