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  • Linda, lol those dancing demon robots need to go back to the factory. They truly looked zombified from the cloning center. The original opening ceremony looked like a bunch of demon strippers and libtards that think they can dance. Very disturbing. Kill them by serving the queen in cake size pieces for them to eat, after she's been fed all the tainted adrenochrome. Like at that adrenochrome party when they all had spoons eating the naked dead cake. But its the big fat ugly reptilian size Queen so they all get some haha

  • Linda most Contractors that are reputable wont make you pay upfront for the whole job certainly .. if things get bad HMU will get the money back for you plus your troubles . Im in Florida i think you maybe in Florida - got vrill video for you too.. [email protected]  .. say my nickname - Insider Pete from Florida ■ I got Your Back ; S.o.c.o.m  Sent 10574414079?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • linda is there  any other places i can enjoy ur  snarky   attattute at?   love it...   mega king  2024      will return. 

    the calvery is cummmming.

  • i like how u think linda..  and yes there is something in thier brains...   off to brain cutting camp the lib tarts  go..      remove thier brain   .. there is something in them shots  guarenteed..  

  • these  contractors  who ask for money up front  and  have to wait  are all scamm.   i do house painting   . i sometimes work for  sub companies.. they take 1/2 the cash  and pocket it.. then try to find someone to paint   for less money then should..        ...   find local roofer   or  referal...    but then again  i get screwwd  over alot   from homeowners..    they want more work for same money quoted..  awwwg... 

  • If he is a contractor, he is lisenced and you can go to his union or board to censor him. And get your money back

  • auto didastic means self tought.. 

    also look up audo didastic on youtube...  great site about lost technology

  • UK here, just joined but have watched you for some time, I have followed all the Trump and Q info for a few years now and I am just dying to see Trump back and all the dems crap themselves when they are arraigned by a military court.

    Hell yes.

    Alan Ferguson.

  •  So funny! I was trying to imagine them with spray paint in their hairspray can... 

  • You Never pay for work before they start it.  Never pay the full amount until it is done and any reputable contractor can order supplies before the job.  They know they can put a lein on your home if you don't pay.


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