What's happening now is an avalanche of evidence in a voter fraud case.  This is treason.  

it's going to blossom. It's a death blossom. 

That's what it is for them. 

When Q Anon says nothing can stop what is coming - you can watch it but you can't stop it - it's like a force of nature. 

I'm even wondering if there's going to be a Democrat Party after this. They are fully involved… and it's coming out!

The public has been so numbed by a lot of this stuff. Most of us are outraged. But there's still this faction that just doesn't seem to be awake at all to anything. 

So what's coming out now is hard, old school evidence… that there are a million different ways to cheat on an election!

There will be thousands of witnesses and testimonials out there that will be presented… and you can expect these witnesses to be looking out for each other!  

We’ll talk about more of that in today’s broadcast.

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  • I don't work around anyone. Magna mandated masks. It's BS I Need to find a New Job. 

  • Awesome stuff Linda- I pray prayers of protection every day for all of us including you- remember God Wins!  We are strong when United!

  • As u can see the powers that be stopped my last message in mid-sentence.i was saying I would miss it greatly if it was gone.So don't be gone adorable McAllister,we need you.May our Lord Christ Jesus,keep,bless,and protect you and all yours.arm yourself Linda !!!

  •  Hi Linda,I like to call you adorable McAllister,to call an intelligent quick witted woman such as yourself DEPLORABLE,well it's just not in my D.N.A. I have been following you for years.please sweetheart keep up the exceptional work,I would miss it  iii

  • the snark force was strong today....😂👍

  • They need to be executed, that's what traitors get!!!we have been at war since 9-11.to hell with the civilian Court's,they are to be tried using the uniform code of military justice at GITMO.

  • I had a snake infiltrating my house, squeezing through a sliding patio door the other night... it saw my TRUMP sign outside and was coming to attack me! Nothing is a coincidence!

  • The bird is a symbol of the masks. His freedom is showing us it's just a matter of time. btw haven't had to wear a mask this entire time. Whenever they want me to I just ignore and keep walking. Hard to believe something so simple works. Thanks so much for the laughs can't go a day without turning in. 

  • Or maybe a clone with a walk in! What ever it is it's disgusting!

  • Nancy is beginning to look a lot like Joan Crawford! Those eyebrows keep moving. It's disturbing. 

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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