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  • Hello Linda, recently you did a video of Guy. He claimed that Trump is the 19th president and was sworn in on March 2021.  Many people already knew this right after it happened. Matter of fact it was March 11, 2021. And JFK jr was already sworn in as Vice President.  So we have known this for over a year. At the same time we also learned that Melania filed for a divorce from Trump back in 2015, right before he was to announce his run for president. Trump was cheating on her and she had enough. She had no intention to be part of Trumps show. Months of military convincing her they came to an agreement, she would be paid 50 million to stand next to Trump, as soon as her divorce was finalized she would leave. Oct 20, 2020 her divorce came through. After his speech on Jan 20th, 2021 and him and Melania boardered AF1 to Florida and it landing she quickly entered a car to take her to a plane to leave the US.                                                         The person we have seen since that day is Trumps new wife. They were married sometime in Apr 2021. She wears a Melania silicone mask. That is Diana.   There is an excellent medium that I have followed for years and the only one I get my intel from. She has rarely been wrong. Even though she supports Trump and believes his heart is in the right place, he still has many downfalls that have hindered where we should be now. He lets his ego get in the way of allowing militarty finish one project completely before Trump pulls them to go do something else. I understand theres a unique troop of 1,000 special ops members that mainly clear out all tunnels and bases and high profile arrests. This troop is to remain on US soil always but hidden from the people. I understand he was sworn in as President and not Commander in Chief. On several occassions he has taken situations into his own hands that damn near ruined everything. Twice he has tried to negotiate with cabal heads but was stopped both times.  He has also intervened in sentencing several peoples executions and given them life instead of execution which is what they deserved.                                    The cabal has not been a threat to the people for some time, people know this and are very frustrated with Trump.  Disinformation is rampant and is now at the point people are just sick of this whole show. People continue to struggle daily, cant pay outrageous high rents, they cant even afford to live in their own home states,,evictions are through the roof, my state alone see over 25,000-30,000 a month, property owners are forcing elderly,disabled, on housing out. many food banks have shut their doors, those still open are open once a month, majority of these people are Trump voters, they are veterans that still have not received any help like Trump promised. Many who die during the winter months. These people no longer support Trump and blame him for what they are going through.  Months before the mid terms we were told there wouldnt be an election, that Biden would be taken out before then. People have had enough, they are tired of watching those with money carry on their lives and not suffer as millions do every day. Trump remains to live in luxury and not hurt like most of the country.     People no longer believe in Trump and question the plan, especially when no one even knows what the plan is anymore.  Maybe you didnt read many comments after Trump announced he would run for 2024 president on social media, I have and it was brutal. No way he would win by a landslide A huge number of his base(awoke) that followed Q drops and movement, the "Show", truther sites, supporters are no longer behind him.  Just because a few claim things are happening and things are still secret so the enemy doesnt know is all a bunch of bs.  No more secrets, no more leaving the people in the dark, show some proof or people demand it.  Trump is president, its time to answer to the PEOPLE. He is a Civil Servant that works for the people and the people want answers. His word holds nothing anymore.  People once again will have to endure holidays without anything, money, food, loved ones, Instead we are made to watch entitled elite, many who are civil servants, carry on their days as if nothing is happening to the rest of us. Once again holidays bring depression and another wave of suicides. This whole thing has turned into a Trump Agenda and nothing about the people.  Nesara clock is ticking....again....and again.

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  • O Complete Conductor 0f Snark, 

    O Predominantly Deplorable One,

    O Gentle Snarky Reciter🌸,

       "Let there be lights in the firmament of Heaven." (and cosmic marshmallows😋🥧 pie🎶)

  • I think the earth is shaped like a umbrella mushroom without the stem.

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