Are you from a Blue State?

Everybody that I talked to from one of the few blue states left is miserable!

Like c’mon, people are losing it. They're going complete dictatorship!

The Patriots are fed up.

Snark ahead… beware… this episode is intended for Hollywood-style humor.

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  • I totally get your frustration. Living in rural South Georgia, I secured a ticket to the rally, but ended up not going because I didn't want to drive 3+ hours to hear the same ole same ole. Nah. I've certainly learned that God is the only one that is going to save us from this evil, and He even told us that HE would put a hook in the jaw of His enemies and draw them to HIM, where He would finish them off Himself. Trump ain't gonna do it. No white hats are going to do it. My trust is in God, Source, whatever you want to call Him. Not in any man/men boasting that he/they are going to do it. That being said, living alone certainly has helped me not have to deal with sheep so much. I have tried to wake family, friends, and neighbors. They seem to be more asleep than ever. Hopefully it's just that I can't see it... hopefully. I've done all I can do.


  • wanted to tell you that you can't be found on google. I got to you through duck-duck-go. Also, have you heard the song Bury a Friend by Billy Eilish...LISTEN TO THE WORDS..."where do we go when we fall asleep? I want to end me. " The album is When We All Fall Asleep.It is so much like the Paris Hilton stories about not wanting to sleep because they transport them to those rooms where they torture and rape them. 

    This is not the video to post this on probably but it pertains to one of the past ones when I learned about this...

  • I understand the need to rant, but in the beginning all were asleep, all were sheep including our esteemed and even beloved host, and those commenting here. I get that it is frustrating, but Q showed us that we need to bring them along no matter how arduous a task. Some of the comments here defy what Q indicated we need to do. If everyone had the attitude some here have no one would be awake. 

  • Loved the  rant!!!!

  • Best rant ever!


    Love your work Linda!🐸🇺🇸🍿🤣🤣

  • I can definitely understand both you and Delora. I dont watch the rallies either. What's the point? We're only singing to the choir. It makes no sense whatsoever to keep puttng out the truth when our efforts are thwarted at every turn by MSM. White hats put out little tiny nuggets from time to time and we're supposed to jump all over ourselves with joy because we learned another truth that only goes as far as us anyway. Done with it.

  • Whats up babe I'm back😘... I've missed you.  Punch a bitch for me babe. I luv it!



  • Uhm..... There actually is a lot happening. When you take a step back and look at everything. 

  • I don't see a link for Delra?  My husband is one of those people if it isn't on CNN it didn't happen.  i have been screaiming at God for weeks.  Please let the military bring it.  i can't do tis anymore.  They are a bunch of fucktards and will never get it unless the walls get pulled down.  Just do it a lready.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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