Princess Kalina of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha: The original windsors.

Trump and Son.

Replacement update.  Celebrity Tweets avout cloning.

Christian21 Gold: Before the Flash... after the Flash...Soul families... New Earth... 5D Earth.

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  • Hi Linda

    I think Christian hit the nail on the head. The Galactics are waiting for us to do the inner work and change our negative, victimhood programing. Not easy, but we must work on it if we want to end up in the 5D Earth. There are no shortcuts. We need to get out from out limited, scarcity, judgmental, complaining, finding faults in everywhere, and survival prison of our mindset. Because that is the virus. We consciously with awareness need to turn our thinking to 180 degree to the opposite. Starting to be kind, helpful, compassinate toward others, forgiving, and most of all accepting others that they're too are stuck in this paradigm. As we practice that we discover that this is our true nature. We are not sinners, we are endowed with everything we need to elevate ourselves to a higher level of consiousness where we will create the real world we all waiting for and want. The Galactics can not save us they did as much as they could under the Natural Laws of the Universe. We're the ones we have been waiting for. We need to save our race and free ourselves by ourselves. That is the only way we can be accepted into the larger cosmic community. We can do it people. Blessing, and much love to all who read this.


  • Hi my friend, just wanted to say that I Stopped getting your emails...I hope to get them again!


  • 💡 O` Extraordinarily Subtle Snarky one!  Just arrived homestead from maya Sunday walking in rhythm,  bearing 🐻 a surfers cross, dapper in wise guy suit! Turning on & Tuning in & its the mystical McAllister TV show 📺 of shows happening! The Pillars 0f Macabre & 'tis Horrific! Taking a gender~gander at such odious would be [devine] death warmed over ; in our pseudo cynosure society!?! All we have, seems👀like to me, is now are monstrous impostors! 👻 *& if im elected; barf 🪣 for everyone!

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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