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  • Linda 


    I agree 200% with Susan's were the 1st ones on YouTube I started to pay attention to.  Keep up the hard work.  I, We appreciate you and your hard work!!@

  • Linda, I listen to Truthers all day long lately, just trying to figure it all out. I really hope it is a movie. I get so concerned some days and feel so heavily burdebed about America's future. Then, I watch your latest podcast and you always make me laugh. "They can't control the eyebrows" really got me tonight. Don't know why. You're always entertaining and quite informative, a hemaphrodite professor, an extremely specialized field of endeavour. Who knew? Anyway;

    Do you know Lin Wood? He's talking about MTG. Is she a HE in your learned view? I can't believe that. I really love her boldness and would be so disappointed because there are so few in Congress who are honest and not totally comprimised. Testosterone?? Lin posed it as a question but I was just wondering if you'd ever interacrted with him. Thanks for all you do to educate us. Blessings

  • Hi Linda! I wanted to thank you for your mention of Tarot By Jeanine she is awesome and I love how she asks how you doin' and then says she's doin' Great!! Truth & a talented tarot reader I should know as I'm one of the top ten psychics myself of Kenny Kingston show but spirit spoke to me to devote my time to my art not psychic calls with tarot, although I was good at it. 
    Keep up the good work & I appreciate all that you do your ads are informative and great Also!!

    many blessings 



    this is by far the best speech I have Heard, this is what we need to be watching on the msm, it's the energy you can feel when you listen to those words it makes us the living souls happiness & love, we all mustn't be living in fear that is there goal, the more people start to wake up from there fantasy world, earth vibrations will be strong, this is what world we are living, fear anger hate, we must stand with each other stand together in peace for our freedoms, This is good vs evil god is in within us, we all have the power, most important is to give our children a better life & future. Peace love & happiness to all living souls 

  • i hate your advertisising at the beginning of videos ,,

    can't you put them at the END ?

    makes your whole video-sound phoney ..

    phoney baloni ...yes we all need money - but share truth with out bull shit ..

    i'm not gonna last long p i'll  go elsewhere  ,,

    your personal shit is annoying as well  - discusting 

    • I think Linda is truthful funny and her ads are not annoying!! You  on the other hand are very annoying and rude and have a potty mouth go away!!!


    • haha, then don't watch her.  its her channel so she can put/say/do whatever she wants. Geez. Rude 


    • Right on!!

  • Hi Linda.  

    I think David Bowie 'was' a male, a strange male.  The way you can tell is by the placement of the ears.  Bowies ears stop above the eyebrows.  

    Generally, if it's a man the tip of their ears go to the eyebrow or above.  The ears in men start higher on the face than in women.  As well, they will cut the ears on top and slant them back so they end lower on the face, so you just picture the eye straigt up and if it ends at the eyebrow or above than it's probably a male.

    For women, the ears start lower on the face.  If it's a woman the arms are shorter.  

    Women have lower ears and shorter arms, naturally.  Men have higher ears and longer arms.

    Hope it helps.  

    You're awesome!

    • sorry about the errors...I didn't proof

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