Where did the internet come from?

Your obvious answer is the Military …

With so much going on, and with all of the information Thomas and I have shared - do you still think it is a military brain child?

We're talking about intergalactic computing systems and artificial intelligence. This is not a technical discussion - however, this episode of Beyond the Headlines could open your eyes more about the technology we are using now.

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  • WOW !  What a great Show, very interesting, we must be AWARE OF. Happy THOMAS looking great & IS home safe from untrustworthy hospital and back to work..perhaps he can detox from his PHARMA Meds. Linda, Truman in your lap was so cute.

  • People better pray that GOD will intervene and wake people up.  If GOD exists and is in control then we can be saved.  I'm a rebel and I don't like being part of the borg.

  • Your movie scenario is exactly like Westwolrd too they became Sentient Beings and started killing Humans and you KNOW they walk among us now  just like that,that Sophia is old Tech.Great show! :)

  • we need  to destroy the georgia field stones.... no one  says they own it..it  just poped up...     no owner its garbage,

  • ive heard u  talk about it....  i have  some   white gooo   lol

  • what is this   black gooo

  • Linda.  You need to watch "pontypool"the movie. And yes hes correct just like in prometheus where they use tones to create  cybernetic electricity  in the ships..  the Egyptians uses harmonic chambera in pyramids to heal the body similar to ultra sonics..   5 g is very close to the "god frequencies" 499 mhz and 431   control tonality and growth and regression light elcetricity and sound all use frequency  which is why teslas coil works for everything even fiberoptics

  • Thanks for your work Linda! I love what you do. I saw the writing on the wall a couple of years back and recognized the potential for interplay between Sophia, 5G, and AI. Here is a video about Sophia that I think you will enjoy. If the link doesn't work, look up The Red chakra Zone on Beneath A.I. Skies at YT. Keep up the waking up!


  • David Adere says that when he put his hands on the spacecraft in Area 51, the spaceship locked his fingers in and talked to him. -and still does, years after and without any more meetings with the craft.

  • Sugarberg is an IA (radiestets are confirming that). Tracebook is always moving buttons around. IA is irritating us with computers, making the software worse and worse functional. Doing nothing else, but fixing it constantly since about 10 years, while using five programs and legal browsing. Constantly logging in and reinstalling. In 2000 was way easier.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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