Who is Q? Is JFK Q?

Our leaders are no longer human.

Christian21 preview… ice walls - how are they significant? What are ice walls?

Alex Collier, clips.. The moon is a base. Greys are vampires. There is a war for your DNA.

Everything you know is a lie.

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  • "Asension" was a TV miniseries in 2014. Any decodes?

  • Greys; not any are good...Just because they have the ability to move the physical states to what is believed as healing they are only managing the chemicals of a biological state that was out of balance and with some intentionally done so they may continue to use this with this person now but with their will.. The use of woman in the reproductive and tissue...and the seed of man and woman for this process. Alex is speaking of some Truth here but the collaboration of this information is not always the Truth. I do not wish any to argue with me only seek to share that he is speaking some Truth but this is thenmoved in and out of our cognition to move us to a belief not a Truth. They are not managing Humanity but destroying Humanity and this is the Truth. They do not replicate by birth being they never were born but are clones and cloned beings do not give birth ro gain childrne. In this they used mothers here to replicate but it was not founded in the sate of this aware adn they have no soul and no life and this is why they take the tissue of those who are using this now and this is the false aware that they spread both gaining that they are some good and some not so good. We must not gain to us this as a result of their genetic impostion that we are of them ... they took our tisse and used it not that we are of them and they make us. Please know Soul is hte most important of our existance and man but brief i a time now but to the Soul we are eternal and everlasting. Those cloned beings are temporary and they know being they cannot replicate without the Life force and tissue of Humans. They destroy that tissue when they use it to clone and this si why they keep gaining more tissue and often in the same lineage/ generation after generation to gain to them the same codes only new tissue as the codes that are in the DNA are not memories but the substance of the Soul that then integrates into the body of Mother to gain to them both that united state of being and in this the lineage then that was to continue but was not continued in the HOLY ONE or the HOLY WAY as was to be. I AM.

    If you ever wish to talk you may contact me.


  • Love +all the best in 2023 from Ginny +Tom in Mohave 🏜 desert NV USA. Deplorable Mac-you ROCK buddy! Love 🙏 &prayers to all Patriots world wide WWG1-WGA

  • I'm beginning to believe Linda is a puppet for the swamp.  

  • You never say anything new, you keep repeating the same things.

  • Linda, such an awesome teaser. My hubby and I always watch your vids together and it's become such a wonderful tradition for us! Thank you thank you for the videos and info you provide. Without you, Laura and Blue we'd be lost. Much love over the holidays, Linda. ❤️♥️❤️

  • When I went to Alex Collier's website, www.alexcollier.net, a message came up saying, "Forbidden. You do not have permission to access this resource." Wow. Crazy.

    • It's .org, not .net.  I had no problem going to alexcollier.org.


  • Sally Herbert

    Do a search on Bitchute-CDS for beginners. My CD arrived yesterday, looking forward t the experience., I'll be using and my sister's going to give it to her to do pitbull who is fighting cancer.

    Merry Christmas 

    • I went to bitchut and from there I fould Dr. Kory's website. thank you Karen and Linda...I have all the side effects of the non vaxxed living with a vaxxed person. pools of blood in my legs and thromboisis of my thigh.I hope they can tell me how to take the chlorine dioxide. I also have a friend fighting brain cancer from the vaxx. I want to help him, if he will let me. the Bentonite powder doesn't look like it would work.I already take fulvic blend humus.

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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