All things Hollywood.

This place is almost a ghost town. They are hiding because they are being hunted!

And they are hiding because they start to look like old hags! Why?

Their adrenochrome supply is low…

Stay tuned to this conversation with Dilara - our resident Hollywood insider!

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  • Try looking up Eceti Ranch in Washington. James Gillilsnd has over 30 years of documenting all kinds of spacecraft on videos. He has a lot of great Rumble and You Tube videos and interviews so many interesting guests.

  • Darn them!! It would have been So exciting to have seen some of the old, big tunnels from ancient times that are beutiful art works, but if the rotten business have dirtied it all down..... F...! -And we are left with cheap cubes while they destroy old world arcitecture.



    Really eye opening Masks..Stage 4..Arch.. Laurel Canyon..Admitting they are a Witch and a Goddess Its RITE under our noses


  • Jesus! When will Linda learn that others have something to say and she doesn't always have to be the one talking! I can't stand dominating people.

    • They're both dominating personalities, which is not a bad thing. There is always plenty of time to say what needs to be said. Doesn't bother me in the least. If she interjects, it's always for a good reason.

    • I love Linda. Don't disparage the Queen of Snark or off with your head.

    • So much for "Lovesyou", .... 💛

  • I just saw on Florida news today that the police caught a man, a vet, who was shooting random people. He was claiming to be mind controlled.

  • Lady ca ca and MANdonna! Ahahaha.



  • I worked in tinseltown for 10 years - at Warner, 4 years at Paramount Pictures, and 1 at Sony, plus numerous independent productions, so I still have a few friends there. If you're entry level, there are opportunities. My friend's daughter just scored a PA gig on an Elizabeth Banks project. But indeed, few and far between.

    While I was there, I never heard anything about kids or adrenochrome - I saw plenty of sex and drugs and nepotism and graft (while at Paramount, Hard Copy was shooting. The producers got fired for spending $800K one year with Heidi Fleiss' ladies), but I never saw any Satanic shit or child sex or trafficking.

    The worst thing involving a kid I ever witnessed was at a Beverly Hills Doctor party with some Hollywood hangers-on. Doc had bought an old mansion - might have been Gloria Swanson's house if I recall - anyway, the wife was giving a tour and she opened the door to a room, where I saw a crying 8 year-old (or so), and a woman was injecting him.  One of the women in the group said "I've been a nurse for 30 years, and I've never heard of giving a child a general anesthetic for a splinter."  When your kid is crying and you can shut him up with some Demerol you have on hand, what the hell, right?  Fucking hypocrite doctors! I have NO RESPECT for them now, unless they've disavowed Covid and the vax.  

    I guess the 90's was the end of the Age of Innocence...

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