Guy Brummel update and Bluewater intel today!

You will love this Hollywood clone episode.

More on General Flynn – is he a traitor?

Many more things to discuss in this episode, including time travel technology, the Obama green screen, disinfo agents exposed… and, where is Hunter Biden?

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  • If you look intently at the actresses they all have the same shaped facial structure and their teeth are all oval shaped not natural looking at all. Look what they did to Cher. She had a beautiful smile even thought she had what they called a gopher bite and couldn't stand to watch her with their fake teeth.


  • Nino rope a dope is ex boxer Nino Rodriguez. Some silver is not pure silver. 



  • Hi Linda, have been following for some years now.

    Thank you for hard work. I also love reading BlueWater's Intel.

    I'm a 46 y/o, Non-Vatican Catholic, Married Gay Latino Medical Professional.

    I've always marched to my drumbeat of Jesus' Truth, so was always considered an outcast to the LGB/Latino/General community.

    Been a Trump supporter prior to his election.  I knew something was wrong when the Trump-Obsessesed CNN, never covered his Assassination-Attemp, during his Campaing prior to the 2016 elections.

    In the mid 2000's, I knew something was wrong thanks to The Vigilant Citizen

    Then 2017 came:  Q, embracement for Truth, continued Vigilant Citizen, SerialBrain2, X22, InTheMatrixxx, Anonymous and finally connecting with like-minds on Twitter and YouTube.  

    Let me tell you the Latino & LGB community, went out of their way to attack me, though all I did was reply to Deep State Actors' tweets; many are still slumbering.

    But guess what!  There is a large Trump/KAGA/MAGA/Patriot/Q/WWG1WGA/Jesus' Loving/All Embracing Movement within the LGB & T Community!  

    I have proof because I live in Deerfield Beach, Dirty Deep-State Broward County.  As you know, Wilton Manors and most areas in our Palm Beach/Broward/Dade Counties are LGB-T friendly.  During these recent years, the Lord has told me to spread the Truth and I have to tell you most LGB-T and minority communities do not subscribe to the NWO/"LGBTQXYZ+-???" agendas and believe that ALL childern/life is SACRED.

    FaceBook quickly banned me for unknown reasons.  In 2019, I was shadow-banned on Twitter b/c I shared links to Hunter's Laptop after NyPost was banned.  I was finally banned from Twitter in 2020, after I reposted links of Capital Police allowing the insurrectionists into the building.

    One day I hope to reconnect with my lost friends/contacts on Twitter and YouTube.

    As a prescribing medical professional for quite some time now, I, my colleagues and patients know that Medicine/Medical Education/Pharma/CDC/WHO/FDA have been infilrated and part of the Cabal.

    May the Lord continue to work through us the spread the TRUTH and be here for those who will need guidance when the Poop hits the Fans, including the previously mentioned Intolerant "Liberals."


  • I believe Joe Biden sacrificed his first born son, Beau.  For fame and fortune those people swear to sacrifice the first born son to satan.  Anderson Cooper's big brother, I forget his name, jumped to his death from a window at the Vanderbilt mansion when he was a very young adult.  I just don't buy the suicide story unless he was MK Ultra controlled.  As a mother, I cannot imagine what it would take to get me to trade one of my children for money and power.  It's unnatural.

    As to Hunter Biden's laptop, I think he was made to turn it over by the Whitehats.  Didn't we first learn about it after President Trump was in office?

    As to the identical Hollyweird people, I believe they're the same person cloned.  I tried to figure out how they could live forever (-and I think they've had that for awhile, too-) outliving family and friends.  Well, they transfer their consciousness into a clone and start life over as someone else.  At this point, anything is possible.  If one can think of it, someone else has done it!

  • After listening to you for the last year or doing my own deep dive on Netflix The Crown......Netflix Ozark show was sorta based on Clintons

  • Clock makers are the same as globe makers. Who is the hero of this century? Who was the hero of last century or the one before that. Put your thinking cap on. Who is in charge of warping your mind. Oops did I give away their story lines. Forget everything you have ever learned. I seriously mean it. It's called Pete and repete using a different story line. The msm wants to tell you lies to scare you. Don't believe them.  Pay attention to Linda and those who are telling you the truth.

    Much 💘

    Thank you Linda 

  • Your awesome Linda!

  • I am gay and wide awake. I love listening to you!

  • Hi Linda, My dear friend says 'Never be concerned when people are talking bout you. It's when they've stopped talking about you that you need to worry'. Hope that helps you from getting stressed over gossipers .


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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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