This report has some very interesting topics,

Prison Ships and Tanks

To start off there is a tweet from Mike Bravo, 

The USNS WATKINS one of the US Government's 16 “Ghost prisons". ls off New Jersey right now.

But New York is heavily resisting. I think there are all kinds of sleeper cells located right down in Long Island, Manhattan and probably New Jersey.

Mike Bravo also posted the Guardian as accused of holding terror suspects on prison ships North America is operating floating prisons - and how suspected terrorists and Antifa could fill them - that could be a lot of people and the silent war continues. Perhaps this is part of the silent war

We've also got tanks in Los Angeles.  The people in charge in New York and Los Angeles are bucking the president, and really want to see people die. These are the places where such things as tanks and prisons are needed -- these people are sick. 

A reporter asked the president if the cruise ships would be used for hospital beds and our dearly beloved president responded no, i.e.  “No, let's just say places to stay”.

There's also a “before and after” Gitmo photograph. There are lots of memes in all the mega meme folders about Gitmo and all of the different facilities and areas that they have been working on down there.

Hollywood Gore and Cannibalism

I thought it was really interesting when I searched for Hollywood blood or ritual in DuckDuckGo. Have a look at all the stuff that came up! 

...and you can hardly look at this stuff and not realize hey wait a minute they've been putting this in our faces

I also searched for Lady Gaga is a man. And watch what I found...

Then, getting back to what we were talking about yesterday. This ceremony that they do. It's part of a ritual and the ritual is designed to get the adrenochrome. 

There's other things involved but they remove the face of the child and dance around with the child's face on. They do other things too that are absolutely horrible and they won't let the child die or lose consciousness. They have to keep the child conscious during all this. It's just horrible. 

The cannibal club is a club within the club. An elite within the elite. It is a point of absolutely no return physically. You are either continuing in their system or you die!

These people love death. They love everything about death. They're necromancer's. They're necrophiles. Anything bloody and dead and smelly, and they like it!

Listen in as I explain the theory I heard, about the Hollywood players and this plasma based AI system that they have that is part of nanotechnology. That we live in a torsion field and we live in a world of vibrations and frequencies and we're just not aware of what we're putting off and what we're receiving... How our minds are programmed to think the way they want us to think...Cannibalism and all... 

It's almost like these people who are brainwashed will accept anything that they put in front of you. If it comes from Hollywood it must be okay!

Here are the headlines:

  • Michigan’s Democrat Governor THREATENS all doctors and pharmacists who prescribe or dispense Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus patients
  • Shockingly Evil! Hillary Clinton laughs as Americans die of Coronavirus
  • “This guy ran the FBI?" - Attention- seeking Comey gets roasted for posting creepy “social distancing selfie”
  • “The idea of Easter is unfortunately a false hope” - Mayor DeBlasio Says New York City will likely remain closed until May

At the end, briefly I also read a little bit about the Higher Loyalty, the Family, why the Cult and their Takedown. It talks about the Wiener Laptop in particular.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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