Bitchute has a lot of trolls. It did not happen in Rumble or Ugetube - just Bitchute. That’s a rant.

Hear about it more in this episode.

Let’s talk about the rally and the words of the President.

We won like no one has ever seen before.

I’m sure that resonates to everyone. And the [D]s know it too - that is why they are out there to steal it.

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  • Energy is neither good or bad. Rituals can be good or bad. It is about intent. Rituals can be used to manifest the will of God and they can also be used to cancel the rituals and desired outcomes of evil doers.

  • Hey Linda! Braving the world with a shopping spree, I noticed that everyone is more anger. It is like they are relieved. People are so brained washed by the one sided news and social media and do not have a clue how they are being led into the jaws of hell. Seems the powers that be do not want to inundate these pacifier kids but I think that is exactly what needs to happen. They have been lied to about being the compassionate ones while following the cookie trail of enslavement.What do you think? I 

  • I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe President Trump will prevail, but I'm so bloody depressed by the shennanigans.

  • milie weaver reveal plan to take o0ver capital
  • @LINDA MCALLISTER  I tried to find your email but couldn't. I hope this video is still on his channel, if not it's on mine and I have it on my hard drive.  Tells what happened at the 6th's protest and how cops brought in Ant-i-Fa. Also another admitting he was paid.

  • I tried to post the story from Real Raw News on the Biden place being raided and fakerybook said it was fake 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • amazing stuff.Not sure what to think or believe,other than that we all need to be in prayer + share/spread/encourage positive info.I watch Mark Taylor,when ever I can find him,+ try to keep open mined + positive.Fun to watch the Gene decode "Court of Heaven" presentation,is there something we will reap from that? I dunno,but I hope+ pray for Gods Grace & Mercy for all of us.When I think of babies being harmed by creeps,I want to grab my old baseball bat,or a hammer.God Bless ALL truth seekers & truth tellers- World Wide.btw-if you haven't been listening-watching L.Lin Wood,I urge you to do so.This guy is a very high $$ high end Libel Attorney,40+ YEARS of expertise as an attorney,he would NOT be saying things he can not PROVE



    Mike Pence Sends Out Donations Plea to Help Him "Stand with Trump" -- As He Stabs Trump Over Stolen…
    Vice President Mike Pence released a statement ahead of the certification of the Electoral College. Pence rebuffed President Trump’s call to reject B…
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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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