Memes, memes, and more memes!

In this episode, the memes I will show you are those that raise questions and give you “AHA!” moments - for the 9/11 event.

In a previous episode, I mentioned that William Cooper predicted that Osama Bin Laden will be blamed. While the building was burning, my dad called me and said that it must be the Osama Bin Laden event.

Was the 9/11 attack deliberate?

Let me know what you think after watching the memes in this episode.

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  • Linda, at the 11:10 mark, look at the Barrick logo! 

  • They were supposed to fulfill NESARA, which was to erase our personal debts and give us money, a lot of money. It was OUR 23 trillion. They stole our money. One hour before this happened, they pulled the 9/11 scam. Key players were Bush sr. and Justice John Roberts.

    • All the pentagon gold (23 trillion worth?) was being stored in the basement of one of the bldgs, but was never found! Rumor says it was removed illicitly on 9/10.

  • At the funeral, it was a signed letter from George Bush that said, They know everything.  Sorry.

    I am trying to remember which site showed the picture.  Will comment when I do.  It was probably Gene decode guy.

     Yellowstone Wolf is the navy intell officer who plays the part of Buffolo Guy at the capitol and is a huge discloser, he explains it all.

    Laura Bush is the daughter of Aleister Crowly.


  • I did hear after the funeral, ONE TIME ONLY, that the Bush family received a photograph of senior hanging by a noose.

  • X Italian President/who revealed existence of Operation Gladio, Francesco Cossiga, gone public on 9/11, telling Italy’s most respected newspaper - attacks run by CIA/Mossad & this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies. - via @grtvnews

  • Laura Bush was her name. She was so proud to be married to child killers and just cold blooded murderers and theives. I was ashamed they were from Texas.

  • That's why I left ickywood 35 yrs ago

  • Oi, You really, really made such  just an Amazing McAllister TV Mega Memes Movie! Soo Well Done O` Patriotic Snarky  0ne  - You Never Let U.S. down at All!  As Always,  Much Thanks for sharing the talent of Your architecture ! *McAllister TV Rocks & Souls!*

  • Linda! Where are you? You don't miss a show! Are you okay! Please just do a vid and say you are okay! YOU SURE KNOW PEOPLE WORRY! People love you please do it ASAP!

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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