I have always believed President Trump when he said Joe is shot. I really think he is dead and what we see is an actor - a good actor.

I hope it’s a comedian behind the Biden mask.

In this episode, there’s more weird stuff about Joe. I mean, common - he likes kids more than people!


No wonder, I do not consider him as president...and i never will.

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  • lmao like trump always said crying chuck shumer

  • check out banana media Q on bitchute

  • people go and check out the channel shaking my head productions on bitchute and wow shockingly its yet still on youtube download all i mean all the videos on there to have and share with others before big tech takes it down for good  a really good downloader that i use its called downloadhelper i have used it for ten years now go to download helper.com youll find it i myself am sick and freaking tired of the bs censorship too i tried youtube again to see if the artikal 7 channel is still there and nope gone thanks youtube bastards but the pains angels channel is still up and running grab all those videos before big tech takes that down ugh sickening already to how evil they are

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  • James Woods sure has been missing often. Maybe he's playing Joe?

  • It's NOT "Qanon"!!!! Pls Linda stop saying Qanon. There's Q and Anons. Only the conmie msm fakers low-info clueless sheep say Qanon. You should know better. 

  • Please turn yourself up. Had to hold my phone to my ear to hear and could not see what you're showing on the screen.

  • Dear Linda, 

    What on earth is T. Holmseth ranting about, in re: you? I came across his video about some feud he supposedly has with you, when I was looking for you on Bitchute. I have not the first bitof evidence about the guy. However, in this video, it 'seems' to me that; He doth protest too much. The insinuations e made about you are without merit, IMO. Again-I don't know about him.

    The reason I was looking for you is, I would love your opinion on some info I found about vice prostitute, Kamaltoe wHorris. I remarked, in a comment thread that she bears a very strong resemblance to what could be; a more scrawny version of The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson.

    Someone directed me to look up the name, Kamal Aroush, to which he added, "wink, wink" .

    Here's the link I found. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


    Kamalas Harris is a man Named Kamal Aroush, Osama Bin Ladin is CIA Operative Named Tim Osman, Who B…
    I really don’t like this piece of shit woman/man. There’s a even more harrowing connection she has with a wrestler who was blood sacrificed named “Ka…
    • Cynthia - you should watch LP's video re: Margaritaville and THolmseth... you'll see why he might be "after" her - she is exposing TCH & he's like an angry [reptile] hissing back... TY for sharring your finidngs & the video... As Well, Here is theTitle and Link to Linda's TCH vid (obviously triggering TCH bigtime!)

      "TRUDEAU'S Chinese hotel prisons Timothy Holmseth Exposed"


      In the center of this episode is Canada’s tyranny. People are being detained in hotels because of their covid rules their president knows about. As a…

  • check faux*ci wife "christine grady" super ultra evil!!!!


This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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