Hello, it’s me deplorable McAllister aka Linda Paris.

This report begins with the matter of the fake email ID of Mark Taylor. Someone created an email ID out of Mark Taylor’s twitter handle. They are sending emails around in Mark Taylor’s name. Even asking for donations!

I want to send a word out to everyone to watch out for the email ID patton6966@gmail.com. It’s not Mark Taylor.

Watch for more details.

Then there is a picture showing three chained guys wearing shirts saying “So Sorry” walking behind a girl carrying a staff.

This has got to be one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. There is an art to visual communication, especially television. There are ways you hook people in! There are ways you wrap a video up or a television show up, and market it towards certain people with certain ideas and so you can give them all clues... you know in your production and in your graphics. 

Then there is a tweet with a picture of ANTIFA debit card for access to Soros Fund… Hmmm…

There are some more interesting pictures and then a review of the Gateway Pundit Headlines. The headlines reviewed are as follows: -

  • LET THE CITIES BURN: Sen. Kamala Harris Is Latest Democrat to Applaud Defunding the Police (VIDEO)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Donations, Including International Funding, to BlackLivesMatter.com Go Directly to the DNC – This Is Money Laundering
  • Virginia Judge Temporarily Blocks Northam’s Move to Take Down Historic Robert E. Lee StatueDisgusting! DC Seriously? George Floyd Given Halo at Funeral Ceremony
  • Archbishop Gregory Knew About Trump’s Historic Visit to John Paul II Shrine a Week Before Event — Then Lied and Feigned Outrage to the Press
  • Brands and Gym Owners Cut Ties With CrossFit After CEO Says ‘I Do Not Mourn George Floyd’
  • National Guard Members Who Responded to DC Riots Test Positive for Coronavirus
  • BUSTED! LA City Council President Nury Martinez, Who Introduced Motion to Cut Police Funding, Caught Using Private LAPD Protection at Her Home


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  • Girl, i love you!!! I went to art school in NYC in the 80's too & like you, i saw some amazing stuff & i had a natural aversion to alot... come to find out alot of those that turned me off were on their way to the Cabal!!! Its imprtant for those of that are "Woke" stick together, share info & support eachother!!! I truly believe alot of sleepers' ego's are all that is keeping thwm from waking!!! I pray that rhis is true ( bc i gots some dicey family members!!) Loved ur mention of recieving scripture thru " miraculous ways" - i got a bible for the first time ever recently & started reading it, and i feel if your eyes and heart are open enough, you can actually see the edits & reverse them & recv the true intended teaching of grace!! Sometimes they just chaged out a word like always to never, or don to do not😂😂😂

    Heart always resonates with holy truth!! Keep up the GOOD work!! God Bless America, our Beloved PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP, & humanity!!

    Down with luzaed imposters, blood drinkers & hell raisers ( Q know who you are!!!)💜💜💜

  • "It's all about the lizards!"   -LP     

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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