Creatures are trying to change our history.

I cannot bear these goat-worshipers who do not want to tell everyone that the Republicans were the ones that freed the slaves, the Democrats were the ones that fought to keep them. The Democrats were the ones that fought to keep the lynching law, because what they wanted to do was keep their good old boys in power!

It is sickening!

More snark in this broadcast!

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  • Stacey Abrams needs 2 toilets; 1 one for each cheek. Now as far as her ass.........

  • about  'Hawaii  50'  theme to go with Michelle's oar digging into blue Pacific surf !!                shalom,a.j.

  • ...'Winter Night Jazz Music'  is quite nice edition.       shalom,a.j.

  • How do I get into a caravan coming from Bradenton Fl. for the rally on the 6th.

  • God Bless USA /Pres. Trump & his family & entire crew.God Bless the Truth Tellers + truth seekers-World Wide .Please,everyone Pray Pray Pray.We are fighting d_emons + the D.C. scum who sell out to them.Looking @YOU pervy Joe Biden.Research Wm. Copper Dr. John Coleman Prof.Antony Sutton-all had a handle on the puzzle.Then follow the foot note links those guys provide.Deplorable Mac- we think you are great,have you at all followed George Webb? He had all his stuff banned ( sound familiar?) I got tuned into GW through You Are Free TV. GW is now up as "Neighborhood News" good stuff,tireless fighter,like yourself.Hope all of you are safe.Happy New Year!! & am I allowed to say F marxism?Is that ok ?Peace & love to ALL honest souls from Tom & Ginny NV USA

  • Hi there.

    Just posted the following on Trump's Facebook (fakebook) page.  In less than 10 minutes a dumb as a pet rock spook pretending to be Dan Bongino posted "you have won $10,000 dollars, go to my post."    The spook is dumber than a pet rock and it proves how desperate the commie leeches are.

    The only reason I am still on fakebook is to stay in touch with the quality contacts there but it's obviously time to leave.  At this stage I don't know how to reach Trump anymore but here is the post;

    Sir, please activate The Emergency Broadcast System, shut down the communist "media" and inform Americans about how the fake news has been censoring the President for over four years and now you are censoring them.

    Let the people know how they have been slandering you, lying to Americans, lying about you and blaming you for all the incredible wickedness they have been getting away with since long before you were on the scene. The foul crap has been allowed to fester for so long that the people are in danger of losing more than our country, under the purview of a unindicted international felon, thief and child predator.

    The people, nationwide, have been very patient, perhaps too patient really, fed up and have nothing left to lose. The "Smith-Mundt Modernization Act" is a dangerous scam that needs to be vetoed yesterday.


  • LOLOLOLOL  two cells..  lololol

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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