Hello, it’s me deplorable McAllister aka Linda Paris.

The report begins with the reading of the Gateway Pundit headlines. The headlines are listed below at the end.

Then there are a few Memes.

A Meme explains Antifa and also mentions that George Soros’ son is closely related to it.

A Meme explains what BLM Black Lives Matter is and mentions that it flourished much in the Obama era.

A Meme explains the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Russians. Various Russian companies and persons provided heavy donations to the Clinton foundation in exchange for favors. This included setting up of the Russian Silicon Valley and providing super sonic missile technology to the Russians.

The last meme titled MEGA Make Earth Great Again. It talks about the satanic few in the world taking over everything in the world in exchange for free energy, forgiven debts and so on.

The Gateway Pundit headlines are: -

  • Kellyanne Conway Leaving the Trump Administration to Focus on Her Family
  • School District To Force Parents To Sign Waiver Agreeing Not To Monitor Their Children’s Virtual Instruction
  • JUST IN: New York AG Letitia James Announces Lawsuit Against Trump Org in Probe of Financial Dealings as President Trump Accepts GOP Nomination
  • “Our Country Will NEVER be a Socialist Country!” – President Trump GOP Nomination Acceptance Speech is FIRE (VIDEO)
  • McCloskeys Warn Violence, Riots Will Come ‘To A Neighborhood Near You’
  • Shock Video: Woman Sucker Punched in Church (Philadelphia)
  • President Trump Slams Dem Governor Roy Cooper: He Told Us “According to Rules and Regulations the Most People You Can Have in Arena is 10” (VIDEO)
  • “Now, If You Really Wanna Drive Them Crazy, Tell Them 12 More Years” – Trump Trolls Democrat-Media Complex as He Accepts GOP Nomination (VIDEO)
  • President Trump Promotes Second Term Agenda in Fox Interview and List of 50 Policy Goals Released by Campaign
  • GROSS: Former First Lady Confidante Stephanie Wolkoff Secretly Taped her Conversations with Melania Trump and Is Writing a Book on It
  • Virginia Health Commissioner Says He’ll Force All Residents To Take COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Is This a Campaign Ad or a Preview For a Horror Film? Biden and Kamala Unveil Bizarre Fundraising Ad (VIDEO)
  • Biden Campaign Secretly Apologizes for Disavowing Linda Sarsour Appearance on Democrat Convention Panel, Then Publicly Disavows Her Again After New Backlash
  • VIDEO: Violent Black Lives Matter Thugs Cheer and Applaud After they Knock Out Police Officer with Brick to the Head
  • Little Known Obama US Attorney Barbara McQuade Promoted Radical Immigration Policies In Michigan and Then Moved on to the Russia Collusion Coup
  • Dinesh D’Souza Was Right – Top US Racist Richard Spencer Endorses Joe Biden for President
  • Black Lives Matter Goons with Long Guns Stop and Surround Sheriff’s Vehicle — Then Moments Later SHOTS FIRED at Officers! (VIDEO)
  • Peaceful Protest: Black Lives Matter Torches Car Dealership in Wisconsin — Before and After Video


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  • Hi Linda, I believe the inidentified woman in the missing and exploited children "coven" meme is Patty Wetterling mother of Jacob Wetterling who was kidnapped and murdered at age 11 in 1989.  The case went unsolved until 2016. Timothy Charles Holmseth believes he was offered as a sacrifice in a satanic ritual and his parents took part in it. I believe he's right. 


    Jacob Wetterling
This reply was deleted.

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