President Trump has gained support from world leaders after Big Tech banned him from different platforms!

Who are these leaders? I’ll talk about them in this episode.

And, my God. I can’t stand these purveyors of fake news! How dare they try to spin Q Anon and the people. They have been trying to tell the people that we’re all doing nasty things and that we all believe in conspiracy theories.

These people are trying to put the blame on us for the violence in the Capitol which we do not have anything to do with at all!

So, dig in and I am sure you will feel what I feel towards these intellectually challenged insects!

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  • Great whole lotta product Linda...GOD BLESS YOU AND TRUMAN.

  • Yes, there were Special Forces who retrived 11 Laptops, in addition to Pelosi's laptop.  But there were also insurrections, one of them being an Independent, w/his own organization.  Neither ANTIFA or BLM.

  • Three-Quarters of Americans won't even be watching Dark Winter Man's Inauguration!!  WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO VOMIT ALL OVER YOUR TV???   LOL!!  I like your videos, Linda.  Don't Think TruReporting is making videos anymore. The newest I've seen are from around Christmas time!!  I remember when you used to do live chats w/TRUReporting. 

  • When does a bird sing (the🦉is fenced in)

  • hey girlfriend---I was feeling angry this morning and then listened to you...felt so much better...I love your shows and the music you play at the start..Just so you know droning is what the ceremony is called when the worm is placed into the eye then the little worm grows and takes  over the body...I think everyone that is in Hollywood ( flesh eaters) are droned...the little lizard looking things are about 7 inchs tall...there are different types of vril lizards...they are somewhat taller..Don't know what they are used for...the worm is the part of it's spine and brain..Everyone that belongs to the black eye club has been droned...They can mimic the person but like you said they are as smart as a monkey...Can't wait for your next video...Tree

  • JUAN O SAVIN has said Biden will be inaugurated.  Pence was blackmailed and the coin he received was his "get out of jail card".  CHINA is working overtime to hack our utilities and will succeed for a short time. BIDEN HAS A PREPLANNED WAR WITH CHINA.  Which is probably why the Joint Chiefs put out that statement - they love war.  Have a lovely day.

  • betrayal is the worse, and he has every legal and moral right to hang them all.

    I sincerely hope EVERYBODY involved in the baby raping and killing, plus all enablers with knowledge, are executed.

  • The GATEWAY PUNDIT has started CENSORING and DELETING comments.

  • Thank for great video. Fleets and Mac both use cbd oil! It helps and their chihuahuas! Won't be using dole again. I will never give up on President Trump! RetiredNavyWifeKCMO 🇺🇲⚓❤ 

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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