Hello folks! I have a few posts lined up in today’s report.

  • There is Tom Hanks’ son saying he is not an illuminati

Chet Hanks says he is not part of the illuminati. 'Does it look like I'm in the illuminati? I gotta bunch of sh”” a” furniture in here' said Hanks. #QAnon #llluminati

Well I’d say, actually looking at you losing it like this, it does look like you're in the Illuminati. You look like a programmed lizard and you're probably not even related to Tom Hanks! 

You're probably just a piece of his big toe or something that was grown into you. Then they slipped a lizard in there because that's what you're acting like okay??

Looking at you makes me believe in lizards

  • Smelly-pants Clinton is attacking our dearly beloved president amid the coronavirus pandemic and calls for a two-month lockdown 

Hillary Clinton Attacks President Trump Amid Coronavirus Pandemic - Calls For 2-Month Lockdown thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/hillar.” via @gatewaypundit

I wanted to mention that I spoke to Jean, who calls into a Blessed to Teach show sometimes and also called in to Beyond the Headlines, we're going to talk about the Hillary Clinton video and exactly what is in that video. This is a game-changer! Nothing is gonna be the same after this video is shown. We will bring up some things that will demonstrate that this is why they're panicking so much.

  • There is a post explaining the Wilson’s face on the football

What does the Wilson face really represent?

To get the most adrenaline out of a child and to get the most potent Adrenochrome, they skin their faces off and wear it, taunting them. So it represents a snubbed face child...

These people are sick, I tell you!

  • There is a post on the seriousness of the present situation

Absolutely correct.

Just so everyone's clear on the gravity of the current situation:

This is a MASSIVE holy war with implications of Biblical and existential proportions

Do you know what happens to the side that loses? Whatever amount of suffering it takes it's worth it.

  • There is this article shared to me by my friend

The Most Expensive Hotel Room in the World Was Made For Elite Psychopaths

Jean knows a lot about this so I'm anxious to talk to him and sort of we get a starting point and we start building a picture of who these people really

It is situated at the top of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. 

I'd like to know what's buried underneath this hotel. Not just what's under there but is this a place where a lot of people died or were massacred or animals were slaughtered or something like that?

One can only imagine because the interior decoration theme is pills and butterflies...

  • The Gateway Pundit New Headlines are as follows,
    • So wicked: Pelosi slams Republicans... and lies about GOP “Tax Scam” that cut taxes for working Americans saying it cost America $2 trillion
    • The total number of Coronavirus deaths to date in the world... still less than total number of flu deaths in the US this flu season
    • Wicked, immoral woman... Pelosi tried to ram illegal ballot harvesting into Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
    • Gaetz: Why would we have $350 million for migrants and refugees... before we restore the economic condition of every American?

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  • 0f this Khazarian-Archon-Reptiles Kabol Kult Klub of Mlecchas (dog-eaters)

    "Dear Jackal ! quit quickly this accursed body of yours consisting of hands never employed for giving a gift, ears averse to scriptures, eyes deprived of seeing the righteous, feet that have not traveled to holy places, the belly filled with ill-gotten coffers and the head tall with empty Pride." Canakya Pundit - political scientist 

  • Melike this new format of Your *McALLISTER  TV*Show!

  • The Tree 0f Knowledge Shows ; That Fruit 0f Wisdom Grows 0n *The McAllister TV* Resonances. All right then

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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