Hello, it’s me deplorable McAllister aka Linda Paris.

In the report I talk about the President’s speech from last night and then read the Gateway Pundit headlines.

Last night, the president went talking about Joe Biden. This is when I started writing. He goes, he's half alive, he might have half of his head left but he's shot.

Really, these people are necrophiles. They mess around with life and death like they're playing a game of craps or something with everybody else's life.

Then he said Joe has no spirit. He's as dead as a rock.

That right there shows you that these people are out of control. They've been doing so many things that they really should not be doing. They've been opening portals and god only knows what. They've had a long time to do it.

Then he said Iran. He said pillows. He said Obama sends pillows, I send tanks. Well pillows, wasn't it wayfair? or those pillows were children. They were missing children and they were the Ellen pillows!

He said they spied on my campaign. It's never been done before. I mean he was yelling, and then he yells - it's treason and they got caught!

We'll see what he says tonight, but this is ramping up fast. It's during the last campaign he said the same thing in a lot of rallies. He's not doing that now and he says he's freestyling you know he's like ad-libbing.

The Gateway Pundit headlines are: -

  • Unhinged Quebec Woman Pascale Ferrier Identified as Suspect in Case of Ricin Letter Sent to Trump White House
  •  ‘They’re Coming After Your Children’: Pelosi Rips Republicans For Moving Ahead With Supreme Court Nomination
  •  WOW! 4Chan Sleuths Catch China Faking Simulated Missile Tests– Clips Came from “Transformers” and “The Hurt Locker”
  •  HUGE! President Trump Scores 48% in Latest Hill-Harris Poll and 25 PERCENT APPROVAL with Black Voters
  •  VIDEO: BLM Communists Point Guns at Drivers at Previous Breonna Taylor Street Protest
  •  Joe Biden is so Exhausted From his Trip to Wisconsin Yesterday That He Started Off the Morning by Shutting Down For the Day
  •  Senator Lindsey Graham: “We’ve Got the Votes to Confirm the Justice on the Floor of the Senate BEFORE the Election” (VIDEO)
  •  Democrats Threaten to Fly to Washington and Prevent Senate Vote on SCOTUS Nominee — Lay Down on Floor to Block Entry to Senate — Tucker Carlson Open
  •  President Trump’s Comments About “Counting on the Federal Court System” on November 3rd Are Freaking Democrats Out Especially Since Ginsburg’s Death


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