Do we really know everything about Mike Pence?

In this episode, we have witnesses who show up to tell tales on what he can do.

Join me in today’s episode and we will dissect the case against Mike Pence.

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  • So do you think all this thats going on right now, is a way to make everybody look at that,to keep our eyes off this,, and thats why there trying to get rid of our LOVEING PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP,  thats what I'm thinking 🤔, and Thank you Linda for this I also watch the 411 its so crazy how those incidents have alot to do with whats going on that you give us, it scares me for my kids when there out away from home, especially with all these illegals coming over here just pray for all those children and their families 😔🇺🇲🇺🇲❣

  • Are you talking about Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Pence or another guy named Michael Pence, 

  • My first thought when you started the story about the retreat/ranch for allegedly autistic kids, with “horseback riding therapy” was Stephen Paddock, Las Vegas (alleged) shooter. I say alleged because there’s no way he was the shooter. There were multiple shooters. Some - including his brother - say he was an arms dealer and also say he was involved in one of the largest child trafficking operations in the world (his brother refused to elaborate on that unless he got a pardon from Trump for his child porn charges, which he didn’t receive). So Stephen Paddock had something to do with this ranch in the Philippines (there are photos of him and his brother there) called Paradise Ranch, which interestingly has lots and lots of butterfly art (MKUltra symbol) and in some of the photos the kids are making what look like Illuminati hand signs. Then he also had some ownership of a ranch called Paradise Ranch in California, which claims to foster children of U.S. soldiers who lost their lives. Phillipino children in particular. And one of the main activities there is horseback riding therapy. They also have weird costume parties - strictly therapeutic of course - where the kids are in a variety of weird costumes both monstrous and also sexual (like naught nurse type stuff - I saw photos). I read a lengthy article not long after the shooting that had tons of photos - I can’t find the article anymore but a lot of the pics are still posted on a Reddit thread and there is a video still up on YouTube you can find if you search Stephen paddock paradise ranch. Also, interestingly, the fuel tank at the airport adjacent to the venue that was shot at (allegedly from a different window of his hotel room) was reported to belong to an airline - I think they called it JANET airline - that doesn’t really exist. But some people say JANET is some kind of acronym for air transportation services that take CIA people from that airport in Vegas to guess where - Area 51 of all places. I don’t know where all this stuff is going but I am 100% convinced that IF the cabal does go down and the truth is revealed to the public, it’s going to include answers about what happened in Las Vegas as well. It was a military grade attack on a huge group of innocent civilians on American soil. Nothing less than an act of war. Some say it’s what actually started Trump’s initial moves to start setting traps for the cabal. It was a huge freaking deal. And the mainstream media chalked it up to a lone gunman and the story was essentially buried and forgotten. Anyway funny that Pence also coincidentally has ties to some ranch that allegedly uses horse therapy for children.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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