Guy Brummel flag decode. Why were there no stars on the flag?

Who is Bluewater?

The age of ascension - developing your discernment...

Also, we have viewer mail and questions.

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  • Hi Linda- I have been listening to your podcast for about 5 yrs. I have sharpened my discernment and I have you to thank.  What an inspiration and true patriot you are. I have great respect for your work, so I share your snarky personality with everyone I meet. I will have to say I laughed so hard at you laughing at the guy whose shoes were on fire and he was running, hillarious! What a journey this has been....exciting and scary all at the same time.  I pray for you often and I know God is with us all.  My awakening happened about 5 years ago, funny I was walking out of Big Lots one sunny day here in San Antonio, TX and as I approached my car, a voice told me to stop and look around, which I did and I saw a mother with her young daughter laughing and getting in their car.  The voice said to me "One day things will not look this way!". WOW, I was blown away when about 3-4 yrs later things really started to decline and the demonrats were after our FAVORITE PRESIDENT! It came true and the story is not completely told yet? I'm very concerned being in San Antonio and how this invasion is going to affect our city. The highways going south of here are not safe to travel on.  Please keep Texas in your prayers, I grew up in Texas and there are some really good people that live here, I almost cry when I see film footage of the amount of illegals coming into our country! Please, God Bless America! Thanks again Linda! Rebecca

  • Linda, I have watched you from your first podcast and you are the best podcaster out there. Please don't let stupid people get you down. I know you are in danger because they don't give a damn about life. Please don't take any chances with your life and stay safe. The next month is going to be rough. Love ya, Susie

  • "Say It Loud... I'm A *U.S. NATIONAL* & I'm Proud Mon!"


  • Elric Starr 


    thats my truth social add me if u can that would be absolutely amazing 

  • Paris are u on truth scocial, been trying to find u on there 

  • Charlie Ward,Mel K and the rest of them are thieves and liars. 

  • Hi Linda, Girl, you, Bluewater, C21, and Laura all keep me sane!!  Can't tell you all how much you mean to me and others.  Thank You So Much for all you do.  Sending Love, Peace, and Hugs 🥰   and Truman too

  • Thank you Linda for all the info.  Too many don't understand this: discernment without research is just a guess.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

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