Additional intel on the grand solar flash, super sun flare!

Everyone will remember how to use portals and gateways!

All main capital cities worldwide have “the big wheel ride” and the sun flare is the main part of the show!

I will also have an update from Guy Brummel aka Agent Margaritaville from jail.

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  • Milly saying little green men does not give milly any higher status with a throw away comment we already know about. Milly needs to go.

  • Great job Linda, as usual. I think the reality is, those asleep do NOT want to know the truth, in fact, they fight to keep it out of their heads. I say to heck with them. I'm so done trying or even caring. 

  • I was camping for a few days. Yesterday I was sitting by the river around 9am. Sun gazing. The things I saw were incredible. Blue circles, a shining cross, flashes. 

  • These med beds are soul traps in my opinion

    • No they are not. They are used to mend Super Soldiers when they return home from the 20 and back program. The evil cabal have had access to them for decades. Why do you think they never die. YOU are a med bed. Creator made you that way. YOU have the power to Heal yourself. 

    • Agree

  • Knowledge, once gained is never lost...see Akashic Records. Theres a good reason that the movie Staregate spun off into more than one long running TV seried....the priests and the politicians lie, hollywood tells the the Sun, SOL if you in constant communication with all the planets through various means...coronal hole streams, CME/flares, a whole electromagnetic spectrum that we seem to barely understand(as much as we use electricity, we still dont know what it is or its been supressed)Water among other things comes from the Sun...CMEs fling 1000s of millions of metric tons of elements into the solar system, does this affect anything, an example would be that in my lifetime the diameter of the earth has increased by 6". While that may not seem like much its mindboggling in reality...especially as most everyone of us was raised with a scarcity culture of belief...theres not enough, the world's overpopulated(except everyone on earth thats humanoid in nature, can fit within the city of Jacksonville, FL w room to spare!)and so on..itll be  good to eliminate poverty consciousness finally ...or my personal favorite: we have to redistribute the one goes about redistibuting infinity is beyond my pea brain, so... anyway...every 12k years or so its not a flare the sun throws at us, its a micro nova...and theres plenty of evidence that we been cooked before...we're at #5 and 5 happens to be considered auspicious and also what indigenous people the world over say is the magic number for Earth...this time it doesnt happen and I could easily double the length of this Epic Comment or have a whole other lengthy discussion about that. and yes, we join the Galactic Federation once we shake those that would extend our contract...we of course agreed to all of this stupid shit we've been through and the contract is up...the other party has enjoyed the benefits if our commercial energy for far too long....Mars is reawakening, Neptunes Atmosphere collapsed and poles flipped, Jupiters been acting squirrely as theyve all been gearing up for their regularly scheduled program from the Sun. Also North America has technology that is shielding it to a certain degree and I am sure itll play a part in making through to the other side. I can imagine that a micro novae is a pants soiler to behold and may very well seem like a nuclear explosion to most everyone. Speaking of decoys like General M, Green Girl Greta might be one too...if one removes from her public performances all reference to climate change, green this and that....then her speeches are an admonishment of the DS for their crimes against,double agent? A grand Troll for sure, using their climate BS as the cover for having a child publically ridicule the DS for what they do to/with children and the DS has to go along with it b/c it appears to support their agenda, LOL!...more will be revealed...

    • Super soldiers: why do we need super soldiers? War is mostly psychological in nature these days...a war over our perception of the nature of reality...super soldiers seems like some cold war silliness 

    • Galactic Federation! Pfffttt... 

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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