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  • Gene is such a trooper.  Most everyone that has him on get interrupted by something and he keeps on talking.  Field McConnell would do this with most of his guests speakers.  It waa rather distracting to watch Field wonder off and  keep listening to Gene.

    Tomorrow we should do fastening and prayers all day.  I do believe it is because whoever (witches...?.) Are supposed to do their spells on the 21st.  

  • If Gene is not for real, he wasted one hell of a story on us that he could've made millions selling in a book.  I give my brother veteran the benefit of the doubt, knowing full well we've been lied to about everything and most of what we thought we knew was crap.

  • I'm having SNARKY withdrawals as well - all my absolutely FAVE GANG are all gone from YT & FB &Twitter now so glad to find you woman. I will be joining u wherever you go really. Thanks for everything luv, you're the BEST. Much love from Australia xxx


    • Had all alternative URLs written down in my password book. Yes,it's my general ledger. Lol Problem was I'm in a daze at 1am and transposed letters! Anyway, I have my Snarky fix back. Love your coverage on Real news and comical presentations of the real criminals. Please continue, we Love you! 👍💕

  • I think they went to far, they even took down Dave at X22. He has one of the most viewed sites and is about as honest and level headed as you would find. Anything that points to we are Trump fans, has been erased. I wonder if they will get away with this til after the election. Ratings are about to bottom out for all of those TV stations. In the end they hurt themselves. They should shut them all down. The are covering for Hunter and Biden and the rest of them, which no one so far are even talking about. What happened to the rest of this story. I am a digital soldier, I work for Q and I will go onto there sites and straighten there minds out with truth. I have already done that, the uninformed people want to know the truth. Trump will get his message out in his rallies, they will not stop that. All hell should break loose tomorrow and when the senate comes back. Popcorn time.

  • So glad to of found you, Hope all goes well screw utube, they have taken down most of my sites. There are very few left, this is not right, these companies need to pay the prce for this, we have rights and pay for this stuff. When they take away what you expect to see, or do on the internet, it is not right. I think Trump can take control of the media if he has too. There bias is really showing right now. Trump will probably, get people to come in on one of his rallies to release all he can.

  • Thanks for the awesome truth. Been following you for a short while. Keep it up!

  • Dear Linda, do you know (or could you ask Gene) why NASA bombed moon in 2009?

    Thank you.

    All the best

  • As always...very interesting!

  • If they are not creative but have only taken what we have created then they have perverted the meaning of Christmas. I've read christian version of what christmas means for christians including the tree, etc.

    They have really taken everything from us. Why can't we take it back?

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