Gene Decode is back - and he is back with a lot of things to talk about.

He shows us a creepy video of a black goo - something you don’t want to have inside your body!

Just when you thought Gitmo was closing, think again - it’s gotten bigger!

Do you think your dog is a great threat to National Parks?

You missed him for sure - so dig into the episode and listen to what he has to say!

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  • i seen  the interview with rabbi fenkelstein. when he says were eating our own children//   mc donalds is there biggest  customer///    its on youtube ill  post   link..  . its verry disturbing.    the  rabbi even  admitts they worship satan  not  god/

    here is the hour long interview

  • Folks check out nicholson1968  he had been showing US transhumanism for 10 years and programmable black goo

  • Just yesterday Canadian Tarot by Janine was  REGULAR WEDNESDAY GUEST ON British Catherine Edwards Academy, Janine in her 1st remark before taking Catherine's questions said she watched McAllister TV mispronuncing the name to diminish you saying whatever the name is laughing,went on to say well she has a POTTY MOUTH,etc TOTALLY IN a sweet way to diminish you. Janine brags she rejected her school education,because she from a kid actually knew from her past lives it was all lies.

    She in the past canceled out Gene Decode,doing a reading on him declaring he tries but in the past many times has been misnformed, his Intell can't be trusted or blabbed info-subjects he wasn't supposed to speak about and was reprimanded by THE ALLIANCE. Really ? All that from her cards ? LOL !. Why ? Because Gene loves God,gives all credit to God, something Janine never mentions. She claims she isn't indocrinated by religion, gives credit to her cards, yet she is indocrinated in the ESTOTERIC beliefs. She is very likeable however the more I see her the more she is  casualy pushing her I AM beliefs. The DIVINE GODESS, refers to God as a Godess, Okay let her.

    She did a terrible reading on prophet Kim Clement about his flawed character. My belief is God uses flawed people, heals them, prime example is former Crack Addict MY PILLOW Mike Lindell. She recently did a show on one of her 2 channels on existence of Unicorns, Fairys Gnomes, trees taking to us etc. Viewers were posting they have seen Unicorns, fairy's, they have special trees that communicate mental messages to them.  etc.Okay so what This doesn't matter..

    what matters is saying your a Potty Mouth, when she has been know it all smiling aggressive, scarcastic. The difference is your educated, went to work in high profile belly of the beast companies, you saw, heard, realized something was VERY WRONG, you investigate, research and use humor to mock these evil people and expose aliens, transhumans, Hollywood etc etc. It saddened me to hear Janine cancel you out in a casual manner. Yet if one "circles back" (LOL) Janine was doing reports on scandal sheet news, the royals etc,Now she has lost weight, gotten a makeover and claims her cards showed her that Pres. Trump was good, so she became pro Trump making a outstanding success reading cards, giving her sage opinion. I wish her well , but you, DILORA, SARGE, GENE, are defending God in your truthful reports. When the truth is shown we as Gene says must be kind to these people who realize on some topics they were off track. Like you I find that difficult. LOL ! BUT WILL TRY..

    • I heard Janine saying borders should be a thing of the past. That is the New World Order agenda.

    • I think you may have caught Janine on a bad day. She is the reason I found this site. She spoke very highly of it. She did say ,,'potty mouth," I think so her more sensitive viewers wouldn't be out off by the "snark"  she mentions God of the Goddess all the time because she (and I) don't necessarily feel the devine being has a sex. 

      As for Gene she did say once that he may have been used to give out misinformation. He's a perfect candidate because he IS so well respected and could be used that way. I listen to her all the time and never got any negative vibes reference this show or Gene. God bless...

  • No chemtrails In France. Nice!

  • Always good posts here! Great show Thankyou!

  • Greetings from a US patriot living in Taiwan. Linda is a delightful lady and I am always so happy to find her latest shows. She is such a breath of fresh air and sanity.

    • Yes, I agree a whole lot. I am daily coming here to see if she has uploaded something new. Also the Real Raw News page. You have to visit that too, if you have not found it so far. Both Linda and especially Sarge are saying it is a real place for news. Mostly Gitmo-news. Jab-Gates is due to"bye,bye", Oct.5th, after 5 days in court where interessting and massively evil things was rolled out as and with proves and vitnesses. God bless to all from a Norwegian woman. 💖

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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