Gene Decode is with me again in this episode. We will discuss what is happening in the White House with kids.

I will be showing a video where there were kids literally going out of the White House door. You might not be able to see anything like this because I used effects to zoom in so you can see what I mean.

Watch this episode now!

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  • I am a believer but why didn't they get the kids out during President Trumps time there?  Just wondering.

    • Trump didn't know about the DUMBS underneath the WH then. He only found out about them when Epstein (yes, he's still alive!) testified and told them where the children were being kept.

      The White Hats have been blasting the tunnels since then and destroying them after rescusing the trafficked children.

  • Thank the Good Lord that you say your website address in every video, Linda! Otherwise I never would've known where to find you when you were purged from YT.

  • I Can't Find Sarge, Linda! Please Help!  Any Links?

    • He is on Rumle, Icons 2020

  • To go on a tangent; a heads up, many people are resisting vaccinations with this Bill Gates rMDNA shot that you have to keep taking and the authorities are pushing back saying it is safe and not to listen to conspiracy theories etc etc. So they are promulgating the idea that we have already been subjected to nano-seeds infiltrating our bodies through GMO food, natural flavors( fetus kydney enzymes) nano-particles in sunscreens and clothing , food containers, water and everything we touch,ingest or breathe in. All I can say they are really screwing with us.

    • Why is Trump telling everyone that he's had both jabs and the booster (when he obviously hasn;t)?! And why did he need them anyway when he's already had covid and has the antibodies?  To my mind he must be part and parcel of the NWO Cabal!

  • Some theorize that giant monoliths such as Urulu( Ayers Rock) are giant petrified tree stumps and yes that some mountains are fallen ones . Quite interesting when you look into the hidden reality of earth. Wicked that we have been indoctrinated to have a very narrow viewpoint. Thank you Linda, you open many minds.

  • The video looks like it was from the live webcam found here:

    It's not a current video - you can tell because the platform in front of the Whitehouse that was constructed has been removed in the last few days (it's not gallows).  There are people in the video milling around on it, in full view of the kids exiting.  If it were something nefarious, you would think those people would react to it, point at it, watch it, etc.  But they're not reacting to it as far as I can tell.  If they were removing abused children, I would think they would do it out of public view and put them immediately into ambulances, not make them walk in public in the cold night, in front of the web cam, in full view of the people on the platform.  I don't have a theory about who they are, but it doesn't look like a rescue to me.  I think we've been trolled.

    I love your work though, and watch your videos as much as I can!  Keep up the great work, and give Truman a belly scratch for me!

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  • Thank you! The dog clip was hilarious. I love those dogs they are so talkative..... they have to be the center of attention. :)

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

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