I finally have my Rumble account running!

I am sorry I was not able to do my video last night - but I have this morning's updates.

I also need to tell you that I now have 2 other new YouTube channels - we have History, Mystery and Murder and Healthy Human.  I will put lifestyle tips in Healthy Human -- and of course it’s all about deep cleaning the deep state!  History, Mystery and Murder is all about stuff like historical crimes, missing persons and all other interesting things.  They are non political channels.

Anyway,  this broadcast is just all about some of the Gateway Pundit headlines and of course yesterday’s presser with Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani!

That news conference should be in the headlines - but it’s not.  This is supposed to be where the story should be…

That right there should scare the hell out of everybody.  This should be motivating us to look deeper and think about what these creeps can do if they are in power.

Dig in.  This is boombastic!

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  • I think my Governor Tom Wolf's wife is a transgender woman. I saw her on PBS informercial saying to wear masks she is a man and I am beginning to think that Tom Wolf is very effeminate man if he really is a man.
    Now I cannot prove they are gender switched . But it would not surprise me. Now the transgender woman secretary of health of PA is closing the liquor stores of PA the day before Thanksgiving because the virus.. whaaaaat really strange 

    • I get paid over $90 1 to 3 hours working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over $27k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what

      I've been
  • I love how you commentary....I'm a Christian!!!! 😂🤣
    God's people discern the times and God says if you are His and don't want to recognize the times, He said "My People perish for lack of knowledge" so if you say you don't want to know what is truly going on you will be deceived...and I believeGod wants us to know, because God wants us to so know how to pray. 

  • I love Sidney Powell!!!! Boom!

  • Oooh poor Truman Youtube band him what the hell! 🤣😂🍿

  • I thought the picture I took off twitter would post, it did not.  So I am talking about TRUreporting. 

    "Dealing with depression for 15 years is no joke. Everyday is an up hill battle."  If you could just give him a call I think it could really help him out right now.


  • Linda,


    I know he is a good friend of yours and I came across this message he wrote on twitter.  I know he lost his show and is pretty depressed as he has stated here, but he might need someone like you to give him a call to make sure he is alright.  He just sounds like he is calling for help, and I thought you might be that Angel to lift him up.


    Susan Shaw

  • Not many good pastors out and about any longer.   All seem to pass the basket for cash donations.  All seem judgemental as to a person's life .  Bible reading is necessary to learn the letter God wrote to his children.  And oh yes, do not be blackmailed with a guilt complex in giving money to a church be it in a bldg. or on t.v. where you learn nothing.

  • If they drink the fluoride in the water and breathe the chemtrails, zombified. Everyone breathes the chemtrails, so, no fluoride. That's how the so called elite avoid the effects of the chemtrails. I have lived rural, had well water for past 25 years.

    I suppose the 30% democrats that realize there has been election fraud, are Trump voters. Most democrats I've met have zero ethics regarding elections, win at any cost.

    Tv news is fear,death and illicit sex. Negativity

  • I wish Rumble had a way to listen at 1.25 speed. Big learning curve just for viewers to get the info. I joined Parler, but not yet figured out how to use it. Sheesh, been using screwtube and fakebook for so long. This one is my fav video platform. X22 Dave has a feature to just listen, IDK if that saves me any bandwidth. I'm data challenged.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

Click Here for the best way to get around the shenanigans >>

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