We will be taken off planet in our every-other Friday conversation with the Sarge from Icons!

Our opening salvo in this conversation takes us to StarTrek.

If you are familiar with it - then you will learn what’s behind it.

Is there truth to StarTrek?

Go figure in this episode.

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  • We don't wrestle against flesh and blood,Father tells you flat out where the real fight is at,it's not physical it is one hundred percent Spiritual, the sooner people realize that the better,over seven hundred books of the original Holy Bible where taken out by constantine and the Vatican,Why , because they didn't want us to receive any Spiritual training,let alone the Truth.when the World finds out that the Pope is a vampire that sacrificed infant's to  Satan,drank there blood and then ate them,this will destroy the catholic church,the catholic church is based on satanic worship!!!!!!!

  • You must cut the head off first,and be done with it,any other path creates a hundred times more work and time that is unnecessary.


  • What the fuck you mean we got to be nice to meet people are trying to lock us up in our home gather sweet fucking experimental shit make fun of a cheapest on a budget where everybody's go to work and nobody ever has no money day-to-day shit and then we got to be nice to these fuckers really I got a serious problem with that you're stabbing us in the back and you want us to be nice and ain't that the snake story snakes always a fucking snake cut their fucking heads off be done with it that's how you solve the problem fucking nice that's stupid educate them they're really fucking educated they're fucking Domino's down there more educated then we are fuck cut their heads off and be done

  • Thanks for the laughs. I love listening to you and circle back "Charge"🤣

    • ThanksSarge and Linda, it was so good to have a good old fashion laugh. Especially in Australia where we are being told that we can't work,eat,see a doctor or really anything that is a usuall freedom, we are the criminals in society now. Oh I wonder if they will want my vote next year, I'll be pretty thin by then lol.But a mandate is a mandate, they would not get my vote. We pray for President Trump every day I hear is being reinstated, praise God I think every country wants Pres Trump to lead this world, he is the sanest person on the planet. Great show. 
  • Alex Collier wrote Defending Sacred Gound. There is a pdf which can be had for free on his web site.

  • We do indeed have to have our foot on  THEE-ROCK ! Jesus Christ, as He said "Your in a Spiritual warfare not of flesh & blood, but evil  wickedness IN HIGH PLACE's" . We have to put on the full Armor of God. & pray daily for Wisdom from on High, The Holy Spirit. We can NOT !  place Jesus as a after thought, second place as you will, He is King of Kings & Lord of Lord's , God is a jelouse God. ----We were told deception would come decive EVEN THE ELECT if it were possible.  Many like Gene-Decode  are deep CHRISTIANS  let's just all keep   God-Jesus  on the Throne  I don't want to live in a world, planet Universe without God All Mighty  The true Right  & Holy .  PLEASE   No !  Source Only GOD !   We have already won the Victory on the cross  there will be a Heaven & 1,000 years on New Planet Earth where King David will be over , where Jesus will be.

  • Guys I was working payroll at Lockheed when Y2K happened. It was a hudge deal for us. We had meetings, they were freaking out about it. We had to start system changes 2 years before it happened and constant testing to be ready. They made it sound like the end of the world. Very stressful working there. OXOXOX

  • When I think I am getting a cold I take ip6 and host defense.  If that does not work I take MMS.  I have not been sick in about 10yrs.


  • Sarge circle back snarky and you are the bomb. Linda what have you done with Truman? Where is that little guy?

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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