Sherman Skolnick: JFK Jr’s secret, and the FBI files on the JFK Jr crash abnormalities.

Bill Clinton assassinated flag officers in a coup to have him impeached.

Slick Willy sold secrets to red Chinese, Ken Star’s red Chinese clients.

We also talk about the Benghazi sacrifice, Al Gore’s assassination attempt, Vince Foster’s assassination at the White House and dumped in the Park, and, here’s something interesting – Freemason hand signals.

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  • "...respect to certain foreign intelligence agencies having reciprocal..." is most likely referring to "Five Eyes" (spy agencies for Britain, NZ, AU, Germany and Italy, I think).

  • Let ALL truth come out!! DEATH penalty for TRAITORS + PEDOS.Pray Pray 🙏 Pray we are in a Spiritual war.deep state/un/davos= lucif_erians

  • Linda ...My grandmother Dosa Marie Durante died in 1999. She pretty much ran the Republican party here in Atlantic Beach...She was a true Missourian grassroot campaigner for the GOP unto the Air Force took them to Mayport/Atlantic Beach....There is so much weird stuff that I would love to tell you about....I think my grandfather was somehow involved with setting up the plan we are living through NOW....Also look up Q post #s: 522, 40, 1065....codeword hillbillie

  • My husband was on the recovery team for the TWA 800 flight as a scuba diver recovering plane debrie, luggage, ansd body parts, partially eaten and bloated.  Once the FBI arrived, a few days after recovery started, they took control of the operation.  My husband said that the FBI lied about the timing of the recovery of the black box.  Also, the dive team wasn't happy about the way the oeration went after their arrival.  Shady FBI.  My husband was also called to help recovered the plane and bodies of the JFK 'tragedy'.  However, we were on vacation with our children so he wasn't part of that team.  I asked him what his buddies said about the search and rescue.  He just said that they never talk about it. 

  • I laugh SO HARD lol when you say "conspiracy theory/theorist"!!   Thank you!!  =D  

  • You do the best impersonation of drunk Nancy saying, "conspiracy theory"!

  • Great show. If you scroll down on Skolnick wikipedia there is a PDF link to his book, Overthrow of American Republic.

    Really rivetting read.

    • Oh wow gotta check ou this book!

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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