Is there a massive adrenochrome shortage since the white hats have taken control?

Are the reptilian "elites" forced to find new ways to harvest it?

Have hospitals been told to cause as much pain as possible when extracting blood from dying patients?... after all, if they're dying, who would be left to tell???

Join me and my friend Laura Greenwood as we ask the cards and go over the evidence that something BIG is happening!

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  •  What do you think of the suggestion that this relentless scramble for adrenochrome might be based on their belief that it also contains the elixir to eternal life? It would explain why they seem to have no fear of eventual retribution for their evil deeds if they can prolong this life forever. 

    • It is both the belief as well as the practice of those who are reptilian satanists. "They" also believe they are superior to all of us, that they will never get caught, and, that we are cattle and slaves. The hollywierd, entertainment biggies, many politicians, etcetera, all seem to also be adreno fans. The ET's that eat humans also feed off of the similar energy of our blood. Which is "the life therof" as in the Bible. God help the children. cheers.

  • Lladro sculpture The Guest by Jaime Hayon small

  • Recently I ran acros a llardro figurine that made me think of the Podesta art,A series called the guest,their newsst line up features many of them frpom their Site.The Guest by Jaime Hayon (Little) 1007283 - The Guest Collection by ...The Guest by Jaime Hayon (Little) 1007283 - The Guest Collection by ...

    • It looks like it is related to the use and abuse of children as animals and objects to be thowm away. How sick.

  • Thank you again for sharing. The topic is on a highly sensitive subject, it is truly disgusting, yet many humans

    are discussing it because it is factual. Blood is the life, and adrenaline is created when animals are frightened,

    agitated, scared, fearful. Here is the truth, humans can be made agitated, but so are billions of farm animals

    when they are being slughtered. The result is very similar, the blood (and flesh) becaomes a drug, a stimulating

    effect on those who consume it. I am vegan, but eating animal flesh and blood is an overstimulating drug.

  • Hi Linda .. started with you on yootoob .. then we had to go to Rumble and now I cannot find you on Rumble so here I am and have signed up here. Should have done so long ago but 'got by' finding you on those other platforms until last week. Am here to stay. God Bless Ya!  Say 'Hey' to Truman for me and my two K-9 rescue pooches Ruger and Remington!

  • EVIL people have been breaking the rules, creating chaos, and committing vile satanic rituals for thousands of years.  The Myans, for crying out loud, were eating beating hearts and drinking the blood of their sacrifices ions ago.  And, Mic Lane, you're not going to get anyone to listen to anyone, much less whistle blowers unless they want to.  You should have paid attention to the last part of the video in which the two talk about letting the ego go.  All Patriots have been trying to get the apathetic to wake up, but until they're ready, they simply won't do it.  People have been indoctrinated since birth, and most of the time, that's a hurdle no one can get past until it comes out in the main stream media.  And we know that the MSM is owned and operated by six entities who coordinate every broadcast 24/7.  If you get anyone to hear you, let the rest of us know how you did it.  We can use the directions.  I honestly wish you luck. 

  • your video was playing. then it stopped playing. so i closed it. went to my email opened your video again and it will not play no matter what i do. sorry for no capital letters and such my arthritis is hurting. i will try it again later. i saved it.

  • Hospitals are NOT allowed to removed blood from any of their patients!

    Only Licensed Embalmers may remove blood & infused embalming liquids.

    By putting out this information, it diminishes what I'm trying to do in getting folks to listen to whistleblowers. I've been working hard to do that after working for a Governor & discovered children going missing.



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