Drag queens…

Who allowed these people to tell stories to young kids.

No, no. You can’t do that.

It’s not that they are who they are… it’s the fact they it's about the programming it’s exposing these children to… and how men touch these kids!

It’s disgusting!

That is just one of the many things we will talk about, so better dig in.

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  • I now think of Barack Obama/B.O. as Body Odor 😌

  • THANK YOU! You finally turned yourself up. Can hear you now without holding my phone to my head! Had stopped listening because of this and greatly missed your shows. Thanks soooo much!

  • [P] The Phoenix of the Satanic Council...  Obama is now the Phoenix...it was Soros... [P] Pindar 100th degree highest level under The [Phoenix] source.. The Reveal Report Jessie Czebotar was raised and trained by The 13 Sisters of Light... An Amazing Story..  she's a wealth of information and blessings.

  • Bolshevik Enemy Combatants opened up our border to Foreign Invasions, including child predators/traffickers, armed MS-13 Gangs, and literally every contagious disease in the world into our states, counties, cities, neighborhoods, even grocery stores handling the food.
    U..S. Border Patrol Agents are being murdered on U.S soil.
    Sheriff's Deputies' lives are being threatened.
    Residents are being threatened.
    People are afraid to leave their homes.
    The Marxist Press is trying to cover this up, and a lot more.
    And yet, the Communist Democrats want to disarm the peaceful, responsible and rightfully armed Americans and they're using easily proven staged and botched 'mass shooting events' as their excuse to nullify America's Second Amendment Protection.
    These High Treasonous acts, if left unabated, will displace, replace, remove, disenfranchise and destroy the lives of every American in the United States. Communist Democrats and their fake media partners in High Treason, label Americans as ''racists'' for objecting to their deadly machinations.
    Are we dealing with Enemy Combatants of the 2020 Coup, illegally occupying our government?
    Are the Enemy Combatants committing Acts of War on Americans, and on Domestic Soil?
    Do possums cross the road ?
    Americans have been very patient and tolerant about the pervasive Marxism since the ''Obama'' and Big Mike regime arrived and refused to leave. The enemy tyrants have become so acclimated to overreach, tyranny and lawlessness they forget that Armed Americans comprise the Largest Anti-Communist Army on This Earth.
    No American Veteran of sound mind wants to see a Kinetic War on U.S. Soil.
    Perhaps our brethren in the Active Military Communities need to remind the Biden Regime, or whoever the hell they are, about Limits and Boundaries.
    Grenell is president? Border Crisis, Media death threats
  • Pediphiles, are they just men?  No, there are just as many women Pediphiles as men, they just get away with it more.  It is like going to court, the women always get away with more.  Am I being snarly, no it is just fact.  Lawyers would 10 times rather have a woman cliant than a man, because they know the odds for getting them off are better. All I ever hear is you saying these men.  Either you hate men, or you haven't done your home work in depth.  These cults are men and women, just think Hillary Clinton.

    • Good point. The media spins everything, so the truth is obfuscated, allowing the criminals, perverts, Satanic psychopaths, and EVil to win.

  • Jesse Czebator, who works on the light side but since childhood was abused by Aquino and John Brennen, the P would stand for Phoeinex. A spiritual leader for  the dark side. According to her when Soros was out Obama came in. 


  • Many sheeoples will not wake up until they see the proof and many

    will still  never get it or just won't care. God save the  innocent ones !

  • Jeramiah Wright was suposedly his mentor.  The homo choir leader came out claiming he had an affair w/OB.

  • Walt disney was a big time pedophile and his organization was designed to groom kids.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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