We’re all programmed.

We’re all made to think these reptilians, draco vermin do not exist!

William Tompkins already warned us of their existence during the moon landing. People in the NASA control room -- and he drew what he saw. It could be the reason why they needed to fake the moon landing.

Watch the video Dilara shared to us…

The Rude Awakening is coming!

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  • Maybe the Morgellons is in the jab too, but it has for years now been a side problem of the tankers criss crossing our world, night and day a couple of decades now. Very much used has been the Saudi airliners that I just can`t remember right now. I don`t believe they have so many, really large ones out there under the desert skies.

  • Yes. (I dont want to be around them even if they wake up). I agree! It's lonely these fays, but consider the alternative.

  • Linda Miss D great show, I tell you what these thoughts entered my mind before it broke in our circles  whom we trust  this being thoughts of , 'IF THE ROMAN -C Church  was  being used by satan & other churches , how do we know  ALL Scriptures are correct & ALL ! there ???  Then it broke Scriptures  MANY ! MANY ! left out  lay hidden under the  Pope's  House so to speak and the tunnel's that held the Earth's Wealth, Gold, Gold, & more Gold, Art work , everything and those Book's that hold the TRUE  Scriptures .--------How can we know  we are not being yet again decevied ?  I know we pray ask Holy Spirit to lead & show us, Pray to the Holy one above within to give us wisdom  --To Show us  what is true . God help us  Jesus ,Jesus Come Lord Jesus Come.

    • A mathematician downloaded the Torah into a computer & it was shockingly complex.

      So much so it got the attention of the zionists who high-jacked the work, but Chuck Misler did a wonderful job explaining the phenomenal proof that Almighty God did write the Bible. 

      I think the series he narrated is called 
      Cosmic Codes, available at 

      Kohonia House, or something like that. 
      I listened for free on you tube.

      Almighty God is wonderful.

      it's totally worth listening to~


  • Med beds should be going to the terminally ill, the elderly and to heal the children before they go to a bunch of Trump hating weirdos who wanted to stab us with the death vax. Let them worry about it for a while before they get the cure. If i's even possible.

    • Look, Trump supporters are not taking the jab. Bidan supporters are. I dont trust Trump either. Why argue and call names over these clowns. 

  • Well, that explains Creepy Adam Schiff's bulging eyes. He is one of these Draco things! 

  • I agree Delara I went into a grief cycle for a year when I found out about the kids and I bet that is not uncommon unfortunatley. Q was right when he said those that know CANNOT sleep!

  • Love you two together ,what a great team.Thank you! 

  • These ladies sound like ascension elitists. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL.

This reply was deleted.

ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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