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  • So, did Christian EVER say where we'll sleep?  Maybe you should make a sign saying, "STOP TALKING" and pop it up on the screen so that he can see it.  Maybe then he'll get used to two-way conversations.

  • Remember Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria? A woman pretending to be a man playing a woman.  I think they have always tipped their cards. 🤮. Thank you Linda and Christian. I love you guys, and my Snarky Family here

  • Woo...wonderful video Linda and Christian! I really like those Arcturians. Maybe we have been Arcturian before and maybe we will have bluish skin after flash! Great catch on Tyler! I have to say I am seeing how Youstupid (sorry, but so surprised and disappointed!) removed Christian's latest videos because of "bullying". Such liars.

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