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  • Hi all. I finally get to post! Woohoo Snark! TY.  I watched this on tv last night. Sarge you are 100% correct about DJT's EO.  There is also the pesky little problem that CCP owns LA Port which is the one in San Pedro.  Dilarah (SP?) I am prolly closer to San Pedro than your friend behind the orange curtain unless he/she/it is on edge. Deplorable_Jax and I could go down there one day and take pix if you like. (Altho I must admit NO ONE would ever hire me as a photographer)Your frined could go to Long Beach port and take pix as that would be closer to him/her/it. On a clear day tho of which we have had none lately here in wonderful  (NOT) WLA, we should be able to see both ports from either side except for the ones at dock.

    I have not dseen any of the min cops only big pups flying around during day especially in afternoon when walking the DJ. They are not LAPD or media or LASheriff so I assume....  I would like to see the minis tho. Where can I load pix of tanks at gas station. There musthave been 8 of them about 1.5 miles so of me.

  • Yay! my three favorite people! Janine and Jean Claude are up there too..

  • Tell Dilara tto get closer to the mike, The minicopters are drones - if they are the ones I'm thinking of. What is the size estimate?  Are they shaped like helos, or drones? Really, not enough description to be sure.
    FYI, Real Raw News is BS.
    Rule of thumb: If it's on the web, it's probably fake. Stats show us the best you have is a 33-66 chance of being right.

  •  Dear Linda,


    I listen every time and thank you for all the information.

    I am from holland, and it starts to get really bad here. Our government is so corrupted that you have to be blind not to see is.

    The most dutch people are believing all the shit that they are telling us and are not willing to investigate for themselves.. money is a big issue...we all know about the pedo actions for years know,(and I mean years,cause my grandmother told a lot of stories  and she died 30years ago)but as long as everybody is wealthy enough they are looking away, I really am discussed by it, cause a lot of ministers and other highly placed asswholes are pedo's(sorry for my language)  I live in utrecht that's the center of Holland and every day for months now, I hear and see so many low flight airplanes, that's something that was never happening before, the last 4months it is especially low airplanes.(sorry for my English 😊)Also behind the clouds I see a lot of lights, strange lights. Like there is something going on but they make the clouds so we can't see anything...i notice the shit in the world for a year now and feel really alone. The most people here want to stay a sleep while the whole world is on fire 🔥.  


    I want to thank you for all the information and laughters. I feel less alone listening to you all.


    Bless you🙏🏽🧚🏽‍♂️🍀

    • You are definitely not alone! And just to let you know I Love your name. My parents named me Miriam and then changed it - ot sure why, it's a beautiful name.

  • Small he-lo's must be connected to the 37k Durham indictments for the state of California.

  • Kiowa used by Delta 

  • I love The Sarge and his mirth! You ladies do make me laugh! Love to y'all!😘

  • Thank you for all you do. I want to help heal people with med beds in north dallas texas. Call me because I don't check emails. 214-931-5085. We are all Gods Children. Thank you, Elizabeth 

  • I have gotten so much intel & info from the three of you!  McAllisterTV on Bitchute was the first site I tracked down, at the start of my 'journey'.  I've only been 'aware' for about six months, and yes, it's shocking & worse, but I'm grateful to God for showing me these things.  I had no idea...or very little, compared to now. 

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