President Trump said in his speech, “we are dealing with the worst drug in the world…”

I did not catch that. Dilara did.

And what comes to mind is the drug where evil and non humans crave for. They kill children to get this drug to get “high” for a few hours….

This is the worst drug! Dilara and I will talk about it.

Dig in!

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  • Our Planet has been invaded by these Dark Entities (Not Just Reptillians) since the Bible was created...There are So very many Books missing from the Bible. Why? The Law of One says The Truth Must be given.  When you hear celebrities say their true gender (Think Jessica Alba Saying she is a man) or others like the black guy (I can't remember his name) who joking said he drinks the blood of little children to keep himself young, Or when Joe Biden told the world he had an Elaborate plan of Voter fraud, and How he didn't need our votes to win...Most people hear this and deny it as truth..Why because they have all Bought the Programming Via Telling Lies to your vision (Television) indoctorated belief systems, Religious leaders etc...Check Out Bishop Larry Gaitors he is a Wealth of information espically about the Black Pastors, and The Black Boulee Society an extenstion of the Skull & Cross Bones Created by the Rothchilds....The More You Know.........

  • The Awakening is Way Bigger than you Think...Nothing Slight about it...........

  • "Future Proves Past" so glad to finally hear this information coming out, because I've been aware of ALL of this since 2015.....

  • I don't know if you (@Linda Paris) or your viewers follow Quite Frankly or not, if not I think everyone should. Anyways, he conducted an interview last night with Patrick Byrne (the CEO of, who is a white hat & is in the fight. During the interview, Mr Bryne told how Mark Meadows is not a Trump supporter...quite the opposite. He & (forgive me, I can't remember the name of the other one, but he's well known, too) this other black hat were told to make sure there was a 'smoothe' transition from President Trump to the pedo we now have in the White House. 

    Mr. Bryne was invited to the White House for a meeting, which included President Trump, Gen Flynn, Mark Meadows, & 2 other black hats that were pretending to be on President' Trump's side. Anyways, Mark Meadows & these other 2 were telling our President things like 'there's no hope', 'you must concede', 'you lost the election fair & square'...shit like that. Gen Flynn became irate, stood up, & confronted these, Mr. Bryne stood shoulder to shoulder with Gen Flynn against these other 3. It nearly came to a fist fight...right there in the Oval Office! 

    Mr. Bryne said President Trump stood up to calm things down & stated (I'm paraphasing here) that there hadn't been such an arguement in the Oval Office in over 200 yrs!

    So...Mark Meadows is not to be trusted. I feel so stupid, as I always thought he was one of the good guys. I hope I'm still right about jacketless Jim Jordan. I really like him & respect him as well. 

    Just thought I'd share what I'd learned. Here's a link to the broadcast, in case anyone wants to watch it...

    Much love to you, Linda. And many thanks to Dilara for being a part of all this. Thank you both for all you do. 

    Your loyal subscriber,

    Kay Cape


    • Yes Trump was/is surrounded by snakes...Trust the plan He has been seeing these creatures show their true selves.......Mark Meadows, Barr etc... I do question Durham, as Barr picked him?



  • The Aushwwiets and Beauchenwald concentration camp relics of World War II in addition to deep, deep Dumbs, around the world and in every nation, as the New Holocaust Horror Museums...

  • Watch the Three Gorges Dam and the "people" flowing in it when it breaks?  The people that have been used in slavery exploitation organ harvesting and sex slaves and breeding? Watch what floats, when the iceberg flips over?  O don't know ... so many things to think about. 

    • i admire your ability to think. may i fr u?

  • Species of wood Jesus Christ was crucified on?

    Druids worship of nature? Majik?

    Preferred type of wood for a wand?



    Get it yet?

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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