We all have been through this very interesting topic on this episode of Beyond the Headlines with Thomas of TruReporting.

Is this time travel? Omni-verse? Past lives?

Some people experience it in a split second. For others, they experience it for a longer period.

It’s Deja Vu.

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  • Listening to your thoughts reminded me of thoughts I had before I was saved.  What I know now is Jesus is the way and only way.  Some of your present thoughts  may be true for unsaved people but God prepared the way to really get eternal life.  It is a free gift given through faith in the finished work of Christ. If you are like I was, I read all kinds of books and articles searching for the truth.  What I learned was the Bible is all you need. Not modern bibles tainted by our modern ways.  Be careful which translation you use. Each book in the New Testament teach us something. The Book of Galatians quickly took me safely away from Rome.  The Book of Hebrews explains everything very clearly.  Pray for the Lord to lead you in the right direction.  May the Lord bless you as you search and I pray you are saved soon.  If there was any other way, Jesus would not have had to come.  He conquered sin and death for us.

  • Linda, Thank you for all your snarky-ness and TRUTH sharing. I was introduced to you through Dilara Esengli’s awesome blogs. I recently listened to the “Deja-vu” interview with TruReporting and it brought up many ideas- two that I wanted to share. One was about Memory and Smell, and the other is about Time.
    Smell is one of our senses that can instantaneously bring us back to a specific time, place, situation, and/or person/people. Talk about time travel. Smell does this immediately, as you described with the fur coat.
    One of the effects of having this c-virus (which I had back in the beginning of January) is the loss of smell. As I was listening to your interview, it came to me that “they” (the vile-evil ones) purposely included this in their scheme as smell and time-travel are linked.
    I have not had the full sense of my smell since then. I believe the vile-evil “meanies” purposefully wanted to manipulate TIME and MEMORIES and remove one of the vital pleasures of being human.
    Another idea discussed was the concept of TIME and how it is used to fully manipulate and control us in a matrix. I live very near to NYC and one of the main focal points is the clock in Grand Central Terminal. A center, a hub...not only of train schedules and people’s lives, but of the “universe” represented in the heavenly mural constellations over head GCT. Having been to GCT countless times over my lifetime, I have witnessed the scurrying, hurrying, worrying of humans - all based on constrains of time; coming and going. Catching a train-running-panicked-about time-getting to work- worrying about being late- performing-money, job, family...the entire matrix around TIME and FEAR.
    While it is not always the case 100% of the ‘time’, that, yes, some people are happy coming and going and doing what they are doing, yet, I do find it to be more often than not, it is a rat race. They planned it this way. This also led me to think about Time in races, games, sports, shows, flights, air time,...and more. I enjoyed the moments I had to think about this thanks to you.I am moving away from being “ruled” by FEAR and TIME. Two biggies for dismantling my matrix. Thank you, Linda. 
    LP Snarky Fan Club
    P.S. YES. I love Deja-vu's and I was so happy to hear others have had them. They are REAL. I love to hear all about this. I asked my 23 year son if he ever had one. He replied, "Yes, like a hundred of them..." Awesome... 

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  • Ive always had deja vu. I especially bv remember when i was in kindergarten or just out of it and my military father moved us all from Southern CA to Northern CA. During this time before the news we were moving, i had a very strong dream. 

    When we got to the new home my parents were shocked to see me tell them what it looked like inside. I knew where every room was and especially the back yard and it was a lovely garden with gravel paths. That was a very happy time there.

    I also knew things when i was very small but thought it was normal. I also was drawn to certain people. Since i had this all my life and im old now, i feel God blessed me with this gift during a hard life

  • Wow, yes I have been having Deja Vu, haven't had any since I was a child, what's up with that 🤔

  • I can relate.  I was trying to fix a bird feeder and everything I tried did not work.  I spent too long trying to fix a crumbling mess.

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