So, you know Cirsten W. And you believe she is dead?

Listen, I have kept silent about her for the longest time and I should say I know her - and met her in person.

Having said that, I spent time talking about her in this episode. This is my firm opinion based on the knowledge I discovered over the past 4 years - and my own experiences.

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  • I have never gotten a distrusting vibe from Linda. Seems like someone fun to hang out with. Love the snarky, and I appreciate her research. I definitely don't have the time for it. But I did look into a Blue Water video and first off a tarot reading. Hmmm.. nope, nada, never, card readings are Satanic. My massage therapist was not available and I was recommended to a very nice lady, and we hit it off until she said she has clients that cone to her and they channel the dead.  I immediately began to rebuke and plead the blood of Jesus until I could get off that table and get out of there. When I told the lady that owns the shop, which is a friend of mine that does my  hair, she had no idea. I said, think about all the bad luck you have had in your life since her arrival. She brought those spirits with her. You need to look into that right away. Of course she denies it and says she loves Jesus and she is a believer. I had someone tell me that sometimes when these people are around people that are living a spiritual life, they can't help but spit out truth about themselves. Either way, I won't be back. 

  • For some reason I've always trusted McAllister AKA Linda Paris

  • I agree there is alot of deception out there.  Now we see it more than ever if you are awake.  I do listen to Judy Byington updates and I enjoy Simon, along with a few Telegram updates.  Sad to say you really have to decide who you think is the real deal or not. I just know things are going down and till the big reveal we all have to suffer and the ones awake will suffer the most wanting to slap the crap out of everyone else....

  • Bluewater latest's video is of a tarot read.  So he's into the occult or promoting it. BEWARE!

  • Thank you for your discernment on Cirsten.  I must say I did have a funny feeling about her because of her bragging.  But I ignorred it and just thought I was wrong in feeling this about her, him.  I need to pay better attention when I get the feeling something is not right.  I always try to see the best in people.  Which gets me in a bad place.  Thx again Linda.


  • I always knew Cirsten was a man. Beyond that I rarely watched him, because I sensed something was terribly wrong with him.

  • Totally agree about Cirsten W being a fake.  I already had her on my suspected disinformation list because she was just sooooooo bad as a "citizen journalist" - she could barely put a sentence or a thought together unless she was promoting herself.  I thought she must be disinformation because I just couldn't believe anyone who was doing what she was doing could be so BAD at it, she must be a fake.  And I didn't like the prissy pretentious attitude coming off of her either - both vocal and physical mannerisms - always fixing her hair, lips, putting up "glamor shot" type photos on her broadcasts, acting like she's got all the hot intel when she's got nothing, just clearly giving off the impression she thinks she's hot stuff, when she was the opposite... never occurred to me to think she was a man but when I do, the whole thing, the entire demeanor, just totally makes complete sense to me now.  Sometimes you know the truth because it just feels right and makes a number of things make sense that didn't before, and this is one of them.  She was so bad that when Scott MacKay was acting like she was some kind of intel guru, I completely lost all respect for him as well.  Then the fake death just happens to get announced on his show, and just the way it was announced just wasn't right.  He's doing a show w Jaco (also on my suspect list) and Nino (not on my suspect list, I think he's a good person just not very smart), mentions at the beginning of the show that Cirsten is in the hospital w Covid (which according to him is just the flu) and he's trying to get somebody in to see her and maybe slip her some ivermectin or something.  He gets and takes a call during the show, and in the same show about 5-10 minutes later he says the call was from the person he'd been trying to get in to the hospital, and that Cirsten is dead.  Sorry but that's not how you handle that kind of information - without making sure next of kin are aware of it, without confirming it in any way except what this one person said, you don't just go blurting it out on an open mic during a broadcast, um, no.  So Scott MacKay is definitely on the list now as well.  Confirmed liar in my opinion.  And I honestly didn't believe the Robert David Steele death story even before I realized he had anything to do with Scott MacKay (allegedly his Dad).  I just thought it was way too convenient, the timing of the disappearance, right after such an aggressive fund-raising push for the "patriot Streetfighter tour."  On his last shows before the tour his entire office/set was dismantled, it was like everything was in boxes... seemed like a pre-planned exit to me.  Also despite all the hype about it I never saw anything about the actual Patriot Streetfighter tour.  The site where I saw all those people, BIN (also where I discovered Linda, they're not all bad but there is a lot of garbage there), who featured MacKay and Steele all the time - so you would think they would be putting up videos from the tour - they only put up ONE video of the alleged tour and it didn't show Steele at all, just Scott MacKay talking for over an hour about mainly his motorcycle accidents and how that brought him to his spiritual beliefs - to me there was no indication of date, there was no mention of the 2020 election, nothing about "patriots," when I saw it I didn't believe it was the tour at all.  Anyway so now I have to question Juan O Savin as well - who I didn't consider "suspect" before, although it does raise alarm bells with me that a huge number of "citizen journalists" seem to be relying on that one single source so heavily as far as "intel," and I find it super annoying the way he sits back in a cushy beachfront hotel room sipping his martini chuckling about how people haven't suffered enough yet... people who have been enslaved their whole lives, and are now losing their lives and their livelihoods every day to all the bullshit, he says oh no that's not enough you have to have a "near death experience" before it's going to be resolved.  His narrative really annoys me because it paints the white hats as being just as deceptive and cruel to the average person as the bad guys.  Anyway even though I didn't really like him I didn't necessarily disbelieve him either, but I did hear him on Nino telling "the whole story" about Robert David Steeles death, as if he had inside info on what happened at the hospital with his meds and who gave to order to put him on a ventilator and how it had happened when he was already sedated for something else... one of the things he (Juan O Savin) claimed was that the family member who gave the ok to put him on a ventilator was not the same family member that Steele had allegedly designated at the hospital to be the person he wanted to make the decisions, which just doesn't sound right to me, the whole thing just doesn't sound right to me.  So now I have put Juan O Savin on the list of suspects as well.  Linda is a gem she is 100% genuine, nobody could fake that snark.  Love love love Linda.  Really getting excited about these Dulce papers - I mean scared but at the same time excited because I believe it too.  Sometimes you know the truth when it suddenly makes a lot of other things make sense that didn't before.

    • Agreed on most of your points.  I still dont know what to think about Scott McKay. 

    • It was odd the way Cirsten and Jaco were so buddy buddy that he moved in next to her.  I don't watch him either beause he doesn't feel authentic.

    • Agreed

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