Is Dick Cheney an omicron reptilian?

DARPA mean wagon.

Q Mega Memes throw light on the event.

Full (disclosure?) moon coming—bigger than you can imagine.

Dome… sun… lenses… new stars will be discovered.


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  • There is no J in Hebrew during the time of Yeshua. The word Je sus is praising zeus. SUNday praises the SUN god. The sabbath is saturday, not SUNday. The truth will set us free. cheers,...

  • Thank you. I am spiritual, not religious, however, fashion is one way that Satan influences humanity.

    So many actors and actresses/athletes etcetera have been inverted and are not biological males/females that they appear to be. With regard to Trans humans...There is a globalist push to preach Transgenderism to children, which is satanic. However I have met trans humans who felt wrong in their born gender. They are not pushing a globalist trans agneda. They never felt right in their born gender. I believe that with all of the estrogens (meat, dairy, steroids, plastics, estrogen disruptors) humans are exposed to, that screws up our hormones. Plus, a small percentage of babies are born with genitals of both sexes, doctors just snip off one of them. The hatred against true trans humans is horrible as they just want to live their lives. Most humans do not know that 250 Trans women are murdered every year worldwide. That is as a result of all of the hatred for these humans who just want to be who they are. I met a transwwomen in PA. who was 6' tall and muscular and knew he wanted to be a she when 8 years old. She encountered an enormous amount of hatred from neightbors when she was an adut, had her car keyed, was fired from multiple jobs, etcetera. She just wwanted to live her life, not push agneda's on anyone. None of us want to go through that. But she endured. God bless.

  • This man was the first content provider I began following after Q started.  I don't recall if Q turned me on to him or if I stumbled across one of his videos while researching.  I began following him then.  In the beginning, I seemed to come across different providers, like Linda.  I was very lucky in that only a couple of those I followed turned out to be fake but most resonated with me big time.  It was as if I couldn't even stumble upon liars any longer.  Tory's death was very difficult to take as I lost my brother to the same disease years before.  Talk about horrorific diseases and all from tiny Tony Fauci, the mass murderer and son of "Mother Teresa."

  • Donna Davidson. His name is Tory Smith. 
    Hey everyone I just had the misfortune to walk into the room where my friend was watching the fake news. Biden was on. I think they have yet another one. It looked soooo fake. It was a different one I'm pretty sure. And to me it looked like a full face and head mask. The hair looked so fake as "Jill" led him away. The bald area didn't look normal, but nothing is normal about these things. 

    • Did Tory fake his own death to be an informant?  Up til now, I thought he was dead. (OR, am I thinking of someone else.  Still, he looks like the right man.)

    • This is an old video of Tory's. 


  • What is his name?


  • Hi my friends. Great video. I learn so much here. Something has been predicted to happen today but we will see. I'm so ready to blow this pop stand. Linda, you mentioned that paper boy Johnny Goss (Gott). I remember that. He was from Des Moines Iowa. He's around my age. Maybe a little older. I had a paper route in Burlington Iowa and my Dad always went with me because of what happened to Johnny. I wanted to share a couple YouTube channels for everyone to visit. There are one of us. Gina Maria Colvin Hill. She is really sweet and has had intergalactic visits  She didn't use to believe in this stuff until her visitors came 4 years ago and told her things telepathically.  Also on YouTube is They are definitely like us here and you will enjoy what is being shared too. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping us posted alone Fox. We love you. Love and Light 

  • I cannot imagine living through what some of these people have lived through. My heart eternally breaks for all these victims. I will never, NEVER understand why any of this had to happen. How this could possibly be within the realm or plan of a Divine Creator is beyond my capacity to comprehend. Surely, this realm we call Earth must be hell. Ascension can't come soon enough!!! I hope all these beautiful little children ascended to the highest realm possible and their lights are shining in eternal bliss and peace.

  • Hi linda I just want to let you know I've been using colloidal silver for years! I call it a miracle in a bottle! Research which ones have mostly silver particles vs ions. I actually make it myself so it's very cost effective if you use it as much as I do and of course I give a lot of it away! I've also used it on animals it's very safe💚

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ATTENTION: YouTube and Big Tech is trying to block you from getting this snarky news commentary! 

The things these people will do -- These People!   

Listen -- These deep state darling dumbazzes are not invincible….

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