In an earlier video, I said my piece about Cirsten W.

I do not believe she is dead because I just know. She is not the kind of person most people think she is.

Today is my final update on what I know - and I rest my case.

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  • You got no idea,how RIGHT you are,dear Linda...

    So thank You so much, for all Youre doing.

    Youre the only one that SEES them,these things/creatures,not people,they are inversions, as you like say it (more than correctly)...

    For now,Im the only one (that I know of,accept you,of course..) that (can)

    SEE them.

    I SEE them,all the time,maybe cause Im so called "super"-soldier?

    But in the end,it doesnt matter as long as Im exposing them,mostly on freaking satanic communist You Tube...

    They HATE my guts over there (on yt) and they should...

    I HUNT them.

    I SEE them.

    Im fighting them and beating them "energetically" and physically,as much as Humanly possible...

    Latest exaple is Kim Goguen...Just watch her,better say,ITS shape-shifting EYES and see-through hologram with muscular/long reptilian (trying to hide,but can NOT hide) NECK (if you want ,check its latest video..),forehead wrinkles totally out of sinc,nose changing shapes,etc...

    Some say its the/my "third eye",but I just SEE them,all over the place/net,all the time...

    So imagine how grateful/happy I am when I found someone that SEES them too...

    I couldent be happier...But cause I SEE them,Im a TI(targeted individual) cause Im exposing them full-on and thats the reason you too are TI,sadly..If you dont know that FACT yet,but I know you do know that and why "people" dont like you...

    They are NOT people ,they are STUPID ,freaking EGO maniacs,sadistic mother f..kers.

    I got so many proof /videos of them.

    You got/SEE them too,only different "people" but same KIND of "people",or whatever they call themselves...

    Reptilians in short.

    Theres not so many of us that SEE them (out there) and thats "why" we are suffering so much...

    Bastartds.They will pay(if not alrady..) one way or another and they know it.

    You are amazing,Linda,just keep doing what youre doing.

    Youre doing much more than you think/know.   I kid you not.

    Soon ,youll see (oh youll see) how much good you did already (and still are) doing...

    Youll be pleasantly surprised.

    You deserve it,no Question...

    All the best to Ya;))

    Warrior-Princess Linda...

  • Just asking --- READ somewhere that the indictment for Cistern W was unsealed. Does anyone KNOW WHAT THE CHARGES ARE??


    LOVE you Linda since the beginning! I am with you 1000000000000000000% about the Cistern W subject. Hope you are doing & feeling better health wise & are eating a better diet. Got to take care of yourself cause we PATRIOTS LOVE YOU depend on you SO MUCH.

    I CAN'T BELIEVE those two would DO THAT to Field McConnell & GUY BRUMMEL CHILDREN TRUST account. I hope they get the FULL penalty of the LAW  & MORE! Both are such kind people & I know Field has been fighting PEDOPHILA since he found out his sister worked with killery to promote it.

    Take care & always remember we LOVE YOU & that sweet well-dressed boy TRUMAN!!        Ann - [email protected]

  • I was burnt out on Cirsten W about 9 months ago . She became annoying and boring 

  • The house you posted is not her current home!...I have lost a lot of respect for you... I thought you were a true professional journalist!

    I don't know whether she is alive or dead, but if you're going to make such a bold assertion you should at least fact check yourself!....I was able to find her current address within a few minutes of looking...3661 Bernice Lane Sarasota....and anyone who EVER watched her show will see immediately that this was her home!

    There is so much diisinformation going on right now and now I'm questioning everything you have ever said!....and did it ever occur to you that she might have been killed not because of her being an influencer, but because she had the misfortune of finding herself in a corrupt health care system in California?!?!

    I agree that she was abrasive and unprofessional....and I have never felt comfortable with Timothy Holmseth. But if you are going to make bold and disparaging accusations you should be prepared with valid facts that you can substantiate!


    • If you don't like Linda's content, move on. I have no tolerance for know-it-all trolls.



  • I agree 100% with you Linda on CW!

    Your dig onValdamar Valerian blew me away i
    haven't heard anyone speak of him and his info. 

    ive read the matrix material by the author. 
    I purchased the series. 
    Valerian ihave a copy Matrix II the abduction 

    and manipulation of humans using advanced 

    technology. I checked page 75 was not the same 
    as you have. I've had these self published books

    Since about 2002. His website was tru 

    Love your show a big favourite. You get down the

    rabbit holes. I'm an Aries as well April 3 1952 !!!

  • I believe you you Linda about Cirsten My discernment screamed to me that there she had skeletons and was shady. No business podcasting. I'm troubled today that Scott McKay says that a secret, high-up source told him that she was ligit and special. It was probably Juan O'Savin who is often wrong.

  • Cirsten had been bragging that she was best friends with Michael Jaco's wife, and lived next door to them in Sarasota. Do you have any info on him, or if you know him, could he verify the Cirsten story? Love you, Linda! Great work...

    • When Jaco was on Patriot Street Fighter and the "death" got announced, he didn't seem bothered much. I thought, "Aren't they neighbors?"

  • My intuition was also right on about her not professional at  any level  

This reply was deleted.

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The things these people will do -- These People!   

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