Do not watch television.

It’s an early warning at the start of this episode! You're played like a harp. They embed ideas to you - which will become your nature.

You can’t expect everything to be true - when they tell you somebody is dead, you might find the truth otherwise online. Think Timothy McVeigh, think Dylan Klebold.

When TV tells you it is a massacre - it could be an operation!

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  • Thank you Linda for diving into the Columbine shooting - there is so much there!  I dived deep into it myself many years ago.  There is so much weird stuff in this area of Colorado.  One of those Columbine boys, I forget which, the one whose Dad was in the military, allegedly grew up in and around Area 51 when his father worked there, and I believe after it was thought to be officially shut down.  There were rumors that MKUltra stuff continued in the underground areas during those years and that timeframe just happened to coincide with when the family lived there.  Another really weird thing about that shooting is so many of the witnesses say when it first started, they thought it was just some of the film class students making a movie about shooting up the school.  The reason they thought that was because 1 or 2 years before the shooting occurred, some kid in the film class DID make a movie about shooting up the school!  What?  And that kids Dad just happened to be FBI and just happened to have a leading role in the so-called "investigation" of the REAL shooting!!!   I feel like that says it all right there!  There is some incredible testimony from one of the teachers who hid in the library, in a cabinet.  When she called 9-11 they asked where she was and she told them she was in the library but didn't say exactly where, then she started reciting the Lord's Prayer to herself, and next thing that happens is immediately the boys go to the library and start asking students in there if they believed in God, before shooting them.  It clearly sounds like the 9-11 dispatch was in on it, somehow communicated to the boys (who were wearing what looked like gaming headsets) that there was a witness in the library - who was saying the Lord's Prayer - who needed to be eliminated (the witness in question said she saw multiple shooters that were not the boys).  She also describes the boys "suicide" at the end - she couldn't see it from her hiding place, but she heard it.  She said after a long time of hearing gunfire and explosions in the distance (after they had executed kids in the library they had left it for awhile while she still hid there), she heard someone come into the library, sounded like they were shuffling heavily or dragging their feet, but otherwise silent, they didn't speak, then there was a shot and she heard what sounded like a body fall, and then another shot and fall, and then she thought she might have heard footsteps leaving the library afterwards.  Then after another long wait, finally "rescue" people started coming in.  But there wasn't a word spoken at that point, after previously, the whole time they'd been shooting, they were very vocal, hooting and hollering and talking trash or whatever, then after all that they completely silently shuffle into the library and each commit suicide, without saying a single word?  From the way she describes it, it sounds to me like maybe the boys were already dead at that point, or maybe just heavily drugged, but maybe somebody on the inside, someone who was part of it and who was part of making it LOOK like the boys finally shot themselves in the library, maybe they dragged or directed them into the library and shot them there to make it look like a double suicide.  The creepiest part to me that I keep remembering is that when Al Gore went there, with some other people, maybe the governor, I forget who, but they went to some kind of funeral or ceremony for the victims, and they wore black trench coats.  There was some clique at the school that the boys were part of that other kids referred to as the "trench coat mafia" because they seemed to like to wear black trench coats.  This was known and talked about online and in the news prior to this funeral ceremony.  You would think that whatever they were going to wear to that ceremony, it should NOT be black trench coats.  Anything but that.  But they wore black trench coats.  To me that's like a signal being given to any witnesses who saw or knew something they shouldn't, a signal that said WE are the trench coat mafia.  Like another level of terrorizing the victims.  Throwing it in their face.  Oh also some people say the layout of the school is just exactly like the layout of the first level of a video game that was popular at the time called Doom.  It was a first person shooter game where you'd basically creep around killing monsters around every corner, once you started getting points you'd get a better gun, etc.  I thought of that when you mentioned "electronically" controlling your victim.  Maybe those boys were partly trained/groomed with that video game.  Maybe that video game was specifically designed to be the layout of that school to help "train" kid shooters.

  • The movie Logans Run has everyone being offed when they turn 30.  But there is another cult movie with the same plot.

  • Like your usual opening music. Didn't like this opening music.

  • logan's run


  • I know a lot of parents question if they have the education to educate their children at home.  Let me tell you something many don't know. Many of your teachers that are in the classrooms are not ever certified to teach. Districts made life so unbearable for teachers like myself that many good teachers were forced into early retirement or just pushed out. The districts wanted "teachers" they could mold the way they wanted with the same union philosophies that are driving the educatioin agenda, so they started hiring just anyone that wanted to teach: no college, no certification of any kind, just "do as your told, teach what we tell you to teach or we'll find someone who will." It's like our Gov't. Eventually corruption and hatred guided education. That's where we're at today. Get your kids out of school even if it means giving up some material possessions. Your kids are the most important asses you have. You leave them in these cesspools they call classrooms, don't be shocked that your kid turn outs just like all his peers. 

  • Great research.  Enjoy how you present the info.  Like a chat with a friend.


    How can it be any more obvious?
    Does training children to hate themselves and worship others because of ANY skin color not sound like BIGOTRY and SELF-LOATHING?
    Does training children how to masturbate and sodomize not constitute the most GROTESQUE VIOLATION of childhood innocence, if not CHILD ABUSE that is lower than the belly of a snake?
    The former Public School System has been destroyed and replaced by the same CRUDE SATANIC CULT that destroyed the American Body Politic and a lot more!!!
    Radical Satanists are preying on the children because it is the nature of evil to prey on the helpless, okay? The devil cannot steal souls unless the people are foolish enough to give it permission.
    If the young are not IMMEDIATELY removed from the COMMUNIST public "school" INDOCTRINATION SYSTEM, they will be consumed and destroyed.
    It looks like banning God from the former Public School System was another bad idea, doesn't it? GET THE CHILDREN OUT OF THERE !!!
    This is the kind of 'Gay Manifesto' sodomy crap being forced down the throats of children behind our backs....
    NOBODY has any business preying on children like that!
    Thank you and Kind Regards,
    Dozens of School Districts are Using Book that Claims ‘Whiteness’ is the Devil and That White Child…
    Investigative Journalist and avid CRT opponent Chris Rufo has identified over 30 school districts across 15 different states that are teaching the ra…
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